Dexatel Joins Forces With Zapier

Dexatel Zapier Integration

Tallinn, Estonia, September 2023 — Dexatel teamed up with workflow automation platform Zapier, enabling an integration that benefits users of both companies. The cooperation sees Dexatel join Zapier’s extensive list of more than 5,000 integrated apps. 

Users can now seamlessly integrate various software applications with Dexatel through Zapier’s diverse platform, simplifying their workflows and enhancing their communication efforts. 

The partnership will allow Zapier users to select Dexatel as an omnichannel communications app and take advantage of its solutions via Zapier. Users will be able to craft custom rules, effortlessly deliver bulk messages to contacts, and more. 

The two software providers benefit from the strategic collaboration. Zapier broadens its rich list of available software, while Dexatel gets the opportunity to provide its solutions through an extra platform and expand its audience. The latter is also aiming to publish a complete tutorial on its blog, demonstrating how to use its features through Zapier. 

The dedication of both platforms to providing reliable software services aligns perfectly with each other, benefiting not only them but also their users. Joining forces with Zapier enables Dexatel to underscore its status as one of the leading providers of omnichannel solutions.

About Zapier

Founded in Columbia, Missouri, by Mike Knoop, Wade Foster, and Bryan Helmig, Zapier is designed with workflow automation in mind. The platform serves as a translator between web APIs, helping to save time by automating recurring tasks. Through a customizable interface, it moves data between different tools and web-based services that don’t normally interact with one another. Zapier currently has over 500 employees across 38 countries and is fully remote.