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Phone Validator

One of the up to date and popular channels of mobile marketing is text message marketing. Many companies are sending out countless SMS messages on a daily basis as it is so easy to do because of the advancement of modern technologies.

However, you should be aware that not all of the phone numbers at your disposal are reliable. Some of the numbers can be fakes ones, some of them might not be in use. A lot of cases are found where mobile numbers are unused. This means that sending SMS messages to following numbers is unnecessary and a waste of money.

There are rather common cases where not all of the phone numbers are in use. The thing is that many companies don’t have a tendency to update their phone number database at all. Moreover, in some cases, the database can be as old as 8-10 years, which can make at least 30% of numbers invalid ones.

The best solution to avoid wasting your means on invalid phone numbers is using a phone number validation service. Such services are used to verify the mobile numbers under your disposal. Number validation can help you understand whether the user is still active.

With a proper number validator, you’ll get a better understanding of how many active users you have at your disposal. This is especially critical if you have a smaller phone number database and each contact is essential for your business.

When searching around the online market, you can come across some free phone validator services. These services provide free credits to test a couple of messages, but if you need bulk phone number validation, it’s, of course, a paid service.

Valid Number Meaning

Before getting into the details of what a cell phone validator is, let’s understand what a valid mobile number means in the first place. It is a number that is still actively in use and is able to receive text messages and voice calls.

As soon as all of the number owners on your contact list receive messages, they are prone to targeting. Having a valid number means that the user is active and should be enlisted as a valuable contact. In other words, making sure you deal with valid phone numbers ensures that every single one of your messages will reach its intended destination.

Check Validity

With the help of Dexatel cell phone validator, you’ll be able to increase the performance of your SMS marketing campaign. In order to validate the phone number on our website, simply type in the number of the user and select the country. After our service is activated, it will let you know whether the number is valid or not.

Our free service allows you to get accurate status results, maintaining a proper contact list. With the help of this tool, you can be sure that your revenue will be maximized and business performance will be improved avoiding any wastes.

Number Validation API

By using the phone number validation API, numbers can be verified in real-time at the point of their entry into the system. This is especially useful for businesses that require phone numbers without verifying them. In this regard, the service can help you avoid fraudulent or spam accounts.

Phone validator API also allows you to increase your business conversion rate, as well as reduce unauthorized accounts that may just waste your money. This kind of API can be easily integrated into your website or your mobile application. This will allow you to filter your contacts and only accept valid ones.

No matter the industry you are working with or the type of organization you are, if you are actively working with phone numbers, then you will surely need a bulk phone number verification system. There are plenty of online providers of this service, is just one example.

Conclusively, mobile phone validation is an essential step that needs to be taken when your business is dealing with mobile numbers. Whether it’s for customer service or for marketing campaigns, having valid and active phone numbers will improve your business performance without wasting your time and budget.

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