What is BCC Texting and How to Send One

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Published: Jun 30, 2023

BCC Texting

You’re most definitely familiar with sending regular messages to individuals or groups. Still, there are times when you may need to send a group message in a more discreet and confidential manner. This is where BCC text messaging comes into play.

From enhancing privacy to maintaining professionalism in business messaging, BCC texts can make your SMS marketing efforts easier and more efficient. 

What is BCC Text Messaging?

BCC text messages, an acronym for 'Blind Carbon Copy', are commonly known as blind texts. They entail sending mass messages to a group of contacts without revealing the recipient list. This ensures that only the sender's identity is visible.

So can you BCC a text? Of course, sending a BCC text message works similarly to sending a BCC email. You can send a message to multiple recipients without them knowing who else received it. 

When you send a blind text message, the recipients only see their own name or phone number in the "To" field. They are unaware that others have received the same message. This is useful for situations where you don't want recipients to know who else is involved in the group text conversation.


Why is BCC Text Messaging Useful?

1. Maintaining Privacy

BCC text messages provide an added layer of privacy. This is particularly beneficial when sending sensitive information or discussing private matters with multiple people.

2. Group Communication

You might want to mass text a group of people without revealing everyone's phone number to one another. This is a situation best avoided by sending a swift BCC text message!

3. Professional Use

Mass text messages can be valuable in professional settings. As a business, you can send out promotions or updates to your customers without disclosing their identities to all recipients. As a modern-day consumer, you’ve been on the receiving end of a group text BCC before. It maintains a professional image while safeguarding the privacy of contacts.

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Similarly, businesses also use BCC texts internally to send and receive urgent or time-sensitive messages. It's especially beneficial for teams of remote workers who need a reliable channel while going to different appointments.

4. Reduced Clutter and Distraction

BCC text messages help prevent unnecessary clutter in recipients' message threads. Without seeing responses from multiple people on the thread, individuals can focus on the content and avoid being overwhelmed by unrelated notifications. It streamlines communication and enhances message organization for all parties involved.


How to Send Group Texts and Hide Recipients

Wondering how to BCC text messages? The steps vary slightly depending on the mass text app or platform you are using. However, when you use a platform like Dexatel, you’ll connect with a large number of people without any major challenges.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, Dexatel has you covered with a few simple steps: 

  1. From the navigation bar, select the channel through which you want to send messages (SMS, Viber Business, or WhatsApp Business)

  2. Click on “Create Campaign” and choose a name for your upcoming mass texting campaign

  3. Write what you want your group text message to say.

  4. From the dropdown, choose the template you have created or select one of Dexatel’s default templates

  5. Choose whether to display your “Sender Name,” “Number,” or “Short Code”

  6. Select the list of recipients you want to send a BCC text to. You can either do this manually, from the “Audience,” or by uploading a file

  7. Click “Send Now” to send the message immediately, or select “Schedule” to send it later


5 Rules to Keep in Mind When Sending Blind Text Messages

BCC texts can be a powerful tool for efficient communication while maintaining privacy. But when you want to send a group text, there are a few rules to follow to guarantee respectful communication.

1. Select the Right Contacts

Before you go ahead and start adding recipients to a blind text message chain, carefully consider who needs to be included. Make sure that the individuals are relevant to the conversation and would care to interact with the information at hand.

2. Obtain Consent

Before adding someone’s phone number to a BCC text message, make sure that you have their consent. Respecting individuals' privacy and preferences is crucial, as some people may not feel comfortable receiving text messages out of the blue. Seek their approval, inform them about the purpose of the conversation, and give them the option to opt in.

3. Use BCC Appropriately

Before you send mass texts, define why you’d rather BCC your recipients. These types of SMS messages should be used primarily for situations that require discretion. 

Be mindful of the nature of the conversation and the level of privacy needed. It's essential to maintain the trust and respect of the recipients when you send BCC group texts.

4. Craft Clear and Concise Messages

When you send a mass text, make sure to use clear and informative language. Define the purpose of the conversation and allow the receiver to prioritize and manage their messages effectively. The shorter and clearer your messages are, the higher their open and engagement rates usually are. This is no different when it comes to group messaging.

5. Review and Update Contacts

Regularly review your contact list and ensure that it remains up-to-date. Remove contacts who are unresponsive and no longer relevant to future mass text message conversations to maintain accuracy and privacy.

By sticking to these rules, you ensure that your BCC texts are sent with integrity, respect, and professionalism. Remember, responsible use of BCC helps maintain privacy, fosters trust among recipients, and promotes effective communication.


Examples of BCC Text Messages

There are countless situations when you might want to send mass text messages using BCC. These text messaging cases and examples can help you visualize how this powerful tool can come into play.

1. Professional Announcement

I wanted to inform you about an exciting development. Our company has successfully secured a [news update] with [name]! This collaboration will open new avenues for growth and opportunities for everyone involved. Please find attached the press release with more details.

2. Event Invitation

Hi [name]! I wanted to personally invite you to our exclusive art exhibition next week. We have curated an exquisite collection that showcases the works of talented local artists. The event will be held at [location name] on [date and time]. Please feel free to bring a guest along. Looking forward to seeing you there!

3. Fundraising Campaign Update:

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached 80% of our fundraising goal for [information on campaign]. Thanks to your generous contributions, we are one step closer to making this dream a reality. Let's keep up the momentum and continue spreading the word. Together, we can create a positive impact in our community!

4. New Product or Service Announcement 

New product alert! Our latest pieces have just launched online and loyal customers get first dibs. To celebrate, we are offering an exclusive discount of 20% for the first 50 to place an order. Go, go, go!

BCC text messaging provides a convenient and discreet way to communicate with multiple recipients without revealing their identities to one another. Whether you need to maintain privacy, send group messages, or keep a professional image, Dexatel can be a valuable tool to easily navigate these conversations.

Send your first BCC text message and enjoy the benefits of confidential and efficient communication!