Personalized Approach is the Key to Great Sales

Milos Culture

I’ve been working at Dexatel for over three years and it seems like just yesterday I came for an interview. Funnily enough, I actually applied for a job opening in the Network Operations Center department. But, as life would have it, I somehow ended up at the right place in the Sales department as a Business Development Manager of Dexatel OU.

The first thing that made me fall in love with the company is that they understood my abilities better, so when I was offered a different position, I knew that this was the company for me: three years and still going strong!

It’s very important to understand that as a Business development manager, there are certain skills that need to be turned into habits. What helps most, is that you should be a calm and reasonable person. Each client is a different person with different ways of thinking and working style, so as a professional you should give full attention to your customers.

Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience that helps me pass on my knowledge to others and guide new Sales team members in turn. It’s satisfying to close a deal, but it’s also amazing to guide your team in their journey. Remember, that you are the one working towards the outcome that your attention should be directed to. You are working towards a purpose and what you do affects the company directly.

From my own experience, I realized that there are basic competencies that a Business development manager or, one to be, should have. Let’s have a look at a few fundamental ones, shall we!?

  1. Well, Confidence is the first and most important one on the list. Whether you are speaking with a prospective customer or a long-term partner, you need to maintain confidence and a positive attitude at all times.
  2. There are times that you need to overcome challenges in order to prove that your product is the best and, so the second one on my list would be Resilience. You need to make sure you communicate with conviction. It’s always the case that you need to put a lot of time and effort into trying to land a deal.
  3. It goes without saying that Active Listening is key for every aspect in business. So, going in for the sale, make sure you boost up your communication skills and pay a great deal of attention to what your client is saying and not saying. Ask prospects insightful questions during the sales process to truly understand what challenges your clients are facing and what they need support with. Analyze the sales process of your organization to look for opportunities in order to become more effective and efficient.
  4. Keep in mind that foundational sales Knowledge is also very important to have clear and complete insight into sales and how it works. You need to understand each step of the sales process not only used by your organization but the general trends as well. Each lead requires an individual approach, so you can imagine how knowing many trends and skills will help you in determining the best and most personalized approaches to each.

I always strive to learn new things and open more horizons in order to be in the game. My next goal is to become more successful at my job; a great sales manager should be able to design and communicate the firm’s vision with the sales team, think critically and come up with the best ways and strategies to achieve the company’s sales objectives. The more you learn, the more you will achieve and hence pass your knowledge to others.

A knowledgeable sales team will be able to make wiser decisions, plan effectively, and allocate resources based on customer needs. So, I intend to become a team leader. I enjoy working with others and guiding them throughout their journey. Inspiration, innovation and guidance are the skills that serve me for the long-hall and the willingness to learn is a trait that each employee must adhere to.

Dexatel has been in the industry for over six years, providing omnichannel and personalized cloud communication platform and my mission is to deliver personalized approaches to each one of our clients.