SMS URL Shortener

SMS URL Shortener

A shorter link is ideal for adding to text messages, which have a 160-character limit. SMS short links typically consist of around 10 characters, making them much easier to share than long addresses. Using a URL shortener for SMS messages allows you to track clickthrough rates and see how many recipients visited your landing page. This helps you divide and retarget your client base and strategize your marketing campaign as you go. 

How Does an SMS Link Shortener Work? 

When a link shortener generates a URL, it remembers the original address. The link then goes to a database under a unique ID or stamp. Every time a customer clicks on the URL, their texting app or web browser sends a request to the link shortener’s server, which then looks up the original extended URL using the SMS short URL as a key. Once the server finds the original link, it redirects the user to the intended destination. 

Benefits of Using Text Message Link Shorteners

Seamless Integration

URL shorteners for text messages work effortlessly on APIs and SMS platforms. Once you’ve created your short link, integrate it into your SMS marketing campaign or SMS reminders and alerts. The whole process is fairly quick and hassle-free. 

Easy Setup

Setting up your SMS short link is as simple and straightforward as it gets. It requires minimal technical prowess and is convenient for businesses to start using it right away without any obstacles hindering them. This makes it easy to incorporate short links into marketing messages as effortlessly as possible. 

Reliable Security

Shortened links tend to be safe and secure. Each URL comes with HTTPS encryption that protects your device and SMS campaigns. This crucial layer of protection prevents the risk of malicious third parties intercepting the links or tampering with them. 

Smart Tracking

A short URL SMS is an excellent way to guarantee the success of your text message campaign. Since it allows you to track who entered the link, you can make informed decisions regarding how to allocate your resources. 

Knowing Your Audience

By tracking the recipients who selected the link, you can form a deeper connection with your customers via targeted marketing. Understanding who your audience is can ultimately help you boost customer engagement, drive conversions, and promote brand loyalty. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

Knowing who engages with your short URL SMS messages can help you retarget your audience and satisfy their needs. This helps you speed up turnaround times and improve the customer experience in the process. 

Optimizing Performance

Thanks to the ability to monitor links, it doesn’t matter how many links you send; the analytics are always relevant and in real time. In the case of mass texting, this allows you to track customers individually. You can focus more on your campaign strategy and less on link performance. 

Common Features of SMS Message Link Shorteners

Click Tracking

Many text message link shorteners come with click-tracking functionalities. Whenever recipients click on the shortened URL, the software tracks the number of clicks and where they came from. Some services even monitor other information, such as the time of the click. You can leverage this data to assess the reach and effectiveness of the links. 

Custom Links

With certain SMS link-shortening services, you’ll have the option to create a branded short link. This allows you to use your own custom domain for the URL instead of a generic string of characters. By doing so, you can maintain your brand name in your bulk SMS messages, and build trust and affinity with your campaigns. 

QR Code Generation

Besides creating links, some URL shortening services can generate QR codes for the URLs. Scanning the code with a mobile device will redirect customers to the corresponding link. This feature comes in handy for sharing branded links in printed media, enabling people to access the web page with a quick scan.

Link Management

Another common feature among text message link-shortening services is link management. This includes sorting all short SMS links in a single place, editing them if needed, and even setting expiration dates for certain URLs. Businesses can effectively manage and keep track of the links they’re sharing. 

How to Choose a Text Message URL Shortener

1. Reliability

Opt for a text link shortener that offers a stable and reliable service. Minimal downtime is crucial considering that broken links can be frustrating for recipients and detrimental for SMS campaigns and communications.

2. Security

Make sure to choose a shortening service that prioritizes security. Check for features such as HTTPS support to protect the link and your customers' data. You may also want to look into the provider’s privacy policy to see how they manage short link data.

3. Integration and API Support

Should you be using your link shortener together with other systems, make sure it offers integration capabilities or an API. You’ll be able to automate link generation and click tracking, facilitating URL management.

4. Ease of Use

Choose a short link software with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to generate and manage shortened URLs. A simple and straightforward process not only saves time but also minimizes the chances of errors when creating links,

5. Limits and Pricing

Go over the pricing plans and usage caps of the link-shortening service. Certain services have limits on how many short links you can generate or how many times the link can be clicked per month. Pick a plan that suits your needs and budget.

6. Customer Support

URL shortening services should have quality customer support available for users. In the event of any issues or concerns, it’s important to have responsive support that can assist you.

How to Set Up an SMS Short Link With Dexatel

Dexatel’s SMS communications platform features a free SMS URL shortener that you can use for your text messaging. Take advantage of customizable solutions, scale comfortably with pay-as-you-go pricing, and benefit from dedicated customer support. To get started with the platform’s URL shortening tool, follow these steps:

1. Create Your Account 

The first step is to start your free business messaging account. Dexatel’s platform is easy to navigate, allowing you to sign up within a few minutes. 

2. Set up a Custom Short URL

Go to link management and select “Add a New Link”. You’ll then see a field where you can paste the long URL. After pasting the address, choose a custom name for your short link and select “shorten”. The system will automatically create a short link that redirects to the original one.

3. Send Out the SMS Links

Once your SMS short link is ready, you can send it out to your customers. Dexatel’s short URL feature allows you to track and analyze the clicks on the address. You’ll be able to know how many recipients entered the link as well as the country they are from.

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