What IsSMS URL Shortener?

An SMS URL shortener is a tool that turns an original long URL into a more compact one. The shorter link is ideal for inserting into text messages.

The shorter link is ideal for inserting into text messages. SMS short links typically consist of around 10 characters, making them much easier to share than long addresses. 


Using a URL shortener for SMS messages allows you to track which and how many recipients entered the link. This helps you divide and retarget your client base, and strategize your marketing campaign as you go. 

How Does an SMS URL Shortener Work? 

When a URL shortener generates a link, it remembers the original address. The link then goes to a database under a unique ID or stamp. Every time a customer selects the short URL, the link redirects to the longer one. The SMS short URL serves as a key that maps to the longer link. 

Reasons to Use an SMS Short Link

Seamless Integration

URL shorteners for text messages work effortlessly on APIs and SMS platforms. Once you’ve created your short link, you can integrate it into your text message marketing campaign or your SMS reminders and alerts. The whole process is fairly quick and hassle-free. 

Easy Setup

Setting up your SMS short link is as simple as it gets. It helps you launch your SMS campaign in a matter of minutes. In most cases, you can obtain your short URL at little or no cost. 

Reliable Security

Shortened links are also safe and secure. Each URL comes with HTTPS encryption that protects your device and your SMS campaigns. 

Smart Tracking

A short URL SMS is an excellent way to guarantee the success of your text message campaign. Since a short URL allows you to track who entered the link and who didn’t, you can make informed decisions regarding where and how to allocate your resources. 

Benefits of SMS URL Shorteners

Knowing Your Audience

By tracking the recipients who selected the link, you can form a deeper connection with your customers via targeted marketing. Understanding who your audience is can ultimately help you promote brand loyalty. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

Knowing who engages with your short URL SMS messages can help you retarget your audience and satisfy their needs. This helps you speed up turnaround times and improve customer experience in the process. 

Optimizing Performance

With the ability to monitor your short links, it doesn’t matter how many links you send because the analytics are always relevant and in real time. In the case of mass texting, this allows you to track customers individually. You can focus more on your campaign strategy and less on link performance. 

How to Set up an SMS Short Link With Dexatel

1. Create Your Account 

The first step is to start your free business text messaging account. Dexatel’s platform is easy to navigate, allowing you to sign up within a few minutes. 

2. Set up a Custom Short URL

Go to link management and select “Add a New Link”. You’ll then see a field where you can paste the long URL. After pasting the address, choose a custom name for your short link and select “shorten”. The system will automatically create a short link that redirects to the original one.

3. Send Out the SMS Links

Once your SMS short link is ready, you can send them out to your customers. Dexatel’s short URL feature allows you to track and analyze the clicks on the address. You’ll be able to know how many recipients entered the link as well as the country they are from. 

Frequently Asked Questions About SMS URL Shorteners

What Is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener takes a long URL and transforms it into a shorter one with around 10 characters. 

What Is a Custom URL Shortener?

A custom link shortener allows you to make use of your own brand domain for the URL instead of generic ones. This helps you maintain your brand name in your bulk SMS messages in addition to building trust and affinity with your campaigns. 

Why Use Short Links for SMS?

Using a URL shortener for text messages allows for more consistent marketing content. Your audience will become more accustomed to the URL format throughout their journey with your brand. The analytics you’ll have access to will give you insight into customer preferences, helping you optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.