What IsShort SMS Link Tracking?

Short SMS link tracking is a process that enables businesses to track how their short links are performing within text messages.

This feature normally comes with SMS URL shorteners, which transform long URLs into ones that consist of around 10 characters. SMS platforms often provide a link shortener and tracker for brands to use in their text message marketing campaigns. 

Why You Should Use Trackable Short Links

Monitoring Link Performance

Trackable short links enable you to monitor the performance of the short URLs you send out via SMS. Besides keeping track of the clicks, link shorteners with tracking features give you access to analytics that show how your SMS campaigns are performing. 


You can also use real-time tracking to correlate clicks with recipients and view click-through data in detail. This is especially crucial when you’re testing various marketing campaigns and comparing customer engagement rates across different audience segments. 

Optimizing Your Campaigns

Incorporating a URL shortener and tracker into your SMS marketing strategy gives you more room to write effective text messages. By tracking the real-time performance of your short links, you can retarget your audience and strategize your campaigns accordingly. 


This can enable you to build a deeper connection with your audience. You can make the text even more effective by going for a custom domain that’s unique to your business.


Saving SMS Characters

Making use of trackable short links leaves you with more space for your SMS messages. Short links are also cost-effective in the sense that they prevent multi-part messages which tend to increase the costs. In many cases, you can obtain a short link with tracking features using the same SMS platform for your messages. 

Sharing Unique Links

In the case of mass texting, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with your recipients on an individual level. Sending unique links, however, can solve this setback. No two customers will receive the same bulk SMS link. This gives you the ability to track each of your recipients individually, and can also be ideal for when you’re sending out SMS reminders to specific customers.

How to Use Short SMS Link Tracking With Dexatel

1. Create a Short Trackable Link

To benefit from Dexatel’s link tracking feature, you’ll first need to create a short URL. After opening your account, go to the link management page and select “add a new link”. Next, paste the original address in the provided field, choose a custom domain name, and select “shorten”. 

2. Enable the Tracking Feature

Once you obtain the shortened link, you can add it to your SMS messages. The tracking functionality will automatically be available.

3. Check Your Dashboard for Updates

Whenever a recipient enters the link, the dashboard updates the information. You’ll be able to see the number of clicks, the countries where the clicks happened, and more. You can also use the time filter to view statistics regarding a certain period of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Link Tracking

What Are Short SMS Links and How Do They Work?

Typically included in text messages as part of an SMS marketing campaign, a short SMS link is a shortened version of a long URL. Whenever the recipient enters the link, it redirects to the original address, monitoring the click in the process. SMS link tracking enables businesses to keep track of conversions from their marketing campaigns.

Can I Track the Clicks on My Short SMS Link?

It is possible to track the clicks on your short SMS URL. Short link tracking is a common feature of most SMS URL shorteners. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Trackable Short Link for SMS?

  • Short SMS links take up less characters in an SMS message, leaving more space for the text content

  • With short SMS URLs, text messages appear much neater and cleaner

  • Short links can boost the click-through rate as they seem more visually appealing than long URLs

  • URL shorteners with tracking capabilities enable brands to collect important data and analyze the performance of their SMS marketing campaigns

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