Short SMS Link Tracking

Short SMS Link Tracking

How Does SMS Link Tracking Work?

Text message URL tracking works by making use of unique shortened links in business messaging campaigns. These links serve as redirects to the web pages you want recipients to visit. When a user opens the URL in the text, the link-tracking service redirects them before reaching the intended webpage. 

The URL tracking service records several different data points. These include the number of SMS clicks, the time of the link click, the location of the user, and the device used. It does this by utilizing a combination of cookies and server-side analytics. By adding UTM parameters to the original link, the service enables you to track the source, medium, and campaign related to the click. 

Why Are Trackable Short Links Essential for SMS Marketing?

Monitoring Link Performance

Trackable shortened links enable you to monitor the performance of the URLs you send out via SMS message. Link shorteners with tracking features also give you access to analytics that show how your SMS campaigns are performing. 

You can also use real-time click tracking to correlate them with recipients and view click-through data in detail. This is especially crucial when testing campaigns and comparing customer engagement rates across different audience segments. 

Optimizing Campaigns

Incorporating a URL shortener and tracker into your SMS marketing strategy gives you more room to write effective text messages. This way, you can retarget your audience and strategize your campaigns accordingly. And on top of that, you get to optimize the contents of your message without compromising on character count.

Thanks to this, you get to build a deeper connection with your audience. You can make the text even more effective by going for a custom domain that’s unique to your business.

Saving SMS Characters

Making use of trackable short links leaves you with more space for your SMS messages. They are also cost-effective in the sense that they prevent multi-part messages, which increase costs. In many cases, you can obtain a short URL with tracking features using the same SMS platform for your messages. 

Sharing Unique Links

In the case of mass texting, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with your recipients on an individual level. Sending unique links, however, can solve this setback. No two customers will receive the same link.

Custom URLs give you the ability to track each of your recipients individually. They can also be ideal for when you’re sending out reminders to specific customers.

How to Use Short URL Tracking With Dexatel

As a messaging platform provider, Dexatel offers SMS link shortening and tracking as part of its features. Users can benefit from customizable solutions, pay-as-you-go pricing, and dedicated customer support. The following steps show you how to get started with the platform’s shortened URL tool:

1. Create a Short Trackable Link

To benefit from Dexatel’s SMS link tracking feature, you’ll first need to create a short URL. After opening your account, go to the link management page and select “Add a new link”. Next, paste the original address in the provided field, choose a custom domain name, and select “Shorten”. 

2. Enable the Tracking Feature

Once you obtain the shortened link, you can add it to your SMS messages. The tracking functionality will automatically be available.

3. Check Your Dashboard for Updates

Whenever a recipient enters the link, the dashboard updates the information. You’ll see the number of clicks, the countries where the clicks happened, and more, just like you usually would with Google Analytics. You can also use the time filter to view statistics for a certain period of time. 

Text Message Link Tracking Best Practices

Employ Reputable URL Shortening Services 

To benefit from tracking capabilities and SMS-friendly links, it’s important to use a URL shortener with a good reputation. Business messaging platforms like Dexatel offer these services, providing analytics such as click-through rates, devices used, and geographic distribution. You can leverage these insights to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. 

Add UTM Parameters

UTM parameters are tags that you add to the end of a link, giving you the ability to track the source of the click. This is in addition to the medium and associated campaign. Adding these parameters to your short URL lets you gain useful insights into where your traffic is coming from and which channel is generating the most clicks.

You can find out whether users open the link via an SMS message, an email, or a social media post. This allows for the effective allocation of resources to the most productive channels.

Perform A/B Testing

A/B testing is where you create several variations of text messages and SMS links and share each with a different audience segment. You can assess how each version is performing to determine which combination drives the best outcomes. This lets you fine-tune your messaging strategy based on data-driven insights. Consider testing various offers, messaging tones, call-to-actions, and URL placements to enhance engagement and conversion rates as you go.

Track Conversions

Conversion tracking allows you to evaluate the impact your SMS marketing has on your company’s bottom line. By tracking sign-ups, purchases, and form submissions in your message content, you can measure the conversion rate for each campaign. This is useful for calculating the ROI of your SMS marketing initiatives and pinpointing the campaigns that yield the best results. You can use this information to optimize your upcoming SMS campaigns. 

Use Unique Links for Each Campaign

To distinguish between marketing efforts, you’ll want to create unique shortened links for each text message campaign. Using distinct short URLs enables you to associate each campaign with certain actions and conversions. This amount of detail is key for figuring out which campaigns are the most successful in terms of engagement, conversions, and revenue. Not using unique links results in vague information that makes it difficult to pinpoint the SMS strategies that are most effective. 

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