Fraud Guard

Fraud Guard

A fraud guard is a solution that detects and prevents fraudulent activities associated with telecommunications. 

It protects against unauthorized access as well as other types of fraud in various industries, like eCommerce and financial services. By leveraging advanced technologies, such as algorithms and machine learning, the anti-fraud system analyzes data and identifies patterns that point toward suspicious activity.

The aim is to protect businesses and individuals from financial losses, reputational damage, and other consequences of fraud attacks. Fraud guards come with various features and functionalities, depending on the type of threat they aim to prevent. 

Dexatel’s fraud guard feature allows businesses to set limits for call and messaging volume as well as pick destinations for secure delivery. This helps prevent fake traffic that hackers generate to profit from international or premium-rate numbers. Here’s what you need to know and what we’re offering:

3 Common Types of Telecom Fraud 

1. Toll Fraud

Toll fraud is when hackers get unauthorized access to telecommunication services and generate many calls or messages to international or premium-rate numbers. This is also known as international revenue share fraud. To detect and prevent this kind of attack, fraud guards use real-time monitoring and analysis of call patterns, destination numbers, and usage behavior. Unusual destinations, suspicious patterns, or abnormal surges in call or message volume can trigger alerts for investigation. 

2. SMS Pumping

SMS pumping is the same as toll fraud, but with a focus on text messaging. This involves cybercriminals generating fake SMS traffic through an unsuspecting company’s app or website for financial gain. Fraud guards in this case look for patterns that indicate fake subscriptions or illegal use of premium SMS services. Much like toll fraud, unexpected spikes in messaging volumes—especially to premium-rate numbers—are red flags.

3. Gray Route Fraud

Gray route fraud involves the unauthorized use of alternative routes to send SMS or voice traffic. Instead of using the official channels that telecom carriers provide, third parties use unapproved routes to avoid costs or restrictions. Our fraud guard efficiently detects and prevents such unauthorized practices by analyzing traffic patterns and monitoring message routes. This ensures adherence to official channels, minimizing risks and ensuring secure communication.

How Dexatel’s Fraud Guard System Works

1. Real-Time Monitoring

With real-time monitoring features, Dexatel’s fraud guard system continuously observes network and communication activities as they occur. It analyzes data in real-time to identify patterns, anomalies, and possible fraudulent behavior as soon as it happens.

Real-time monitoring is crucial for promptly detecting and responding to fraudulent activities. The system can then act quickly to prevent further damage and reduce any financial losses as a result of the fraud.

2. Automatic Blocking

Our anti-fraud system automatically blocks or restricts suspicious activities, serving as a proactive measure to stop fraud in its tracks. When the system detects unusual patterns or behaviors indicative of fraud, it can instantly implement predefined actions. These include blocking certain transactions or restricting access without the need for manual intervention.

3. Customizable Settings

Companies can customize the fraud guard settings according to their needs and risk profiles. This means defining thresholds for typical behavior and setting criteria for fraud detection. It also involves tailoring responses to various types and degrees of threats.

Customizable settings allow for flexibility and adaptability to different business environments. Businesses can fine-tune the fraud guard system to fit their needs. This ensures that it is effective and addresses specific challenges.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics tools in the fraud guard system offer insights into the security status of the telecommunications network. These tools generate reports on trends, detected fraud incidents, and system performance, allowing organizations to make informed decisions and refine their fraud prevention strategies.

Reporting and analytics are essential for post-attack analysis, compliance reporting, and continuous enhancement. They help users find areas for improvement and take measures to boost the security of their systems and prevent fraud.

Top Benefits of Using Dexatel’s Anti-Fraud System

1. Enhanced Security 

The fraud guard system uses advanced algorithms, machine learning, and rules-based detection to identify and prevent attacks like toll fraud and SMS pumping. These technologies can analyze patterns, behaviors, and anomalies in real-time data to detect any suspicious activity.

Fraud schemes involve gaining unauthorized access to—and manipulating—telecommunication services for financial gain. Advanced algorithms enhance the security of these services by continuously monitoring and identifying potential fraud, providing a proactive defense against various attacks.

2. Less Operational Costs

By using Dexatel’s fraud guard service, businesses can reduce the operational costs of fraud mitigation. The system automates the detection and prevention process, minimizing the need for manual intervention and additional resources.

Traditional methods of fraud detection often require extensive human effort and time. The anti-fraud system streamlines that process, boosting response times and reducing the financial impact of fraud attacks. This leads to a great deal of money saved on operational costs. 

3. Stronger Customer Trust 

Customers who feel that their personal data is secure from fraud are more willing to trust their service provider. The fraud guard system guarantees secure and reliable communication for customers. These customers are more likely to remain loyal to a business that actively protects them from fraud-related issues. Building trust with a fraud guard can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty while fostering a positive brand perception.

4. Improved Compliance 

Telecom industry regulations often require companies to take consumer protection measures. Dexatel’s fraud guard service helps businesses comply with these standards by introducing the necessary safety features.

Compliance with regulations is key to avoiding legal consequences and maintaining the integrity of the business. Using the fraud guard ensures that the company meets the standards, promoting responsibility and accountability.

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