What IsText Forwarding?

Text forwarding is a function that directs incoming text messages to an email, an online messaging dashboard, or another device.

This allows you to view your messages from anywhere, making it ideal if you need to invest more time into your text marketing or if you’re always on the go. Text message forwarding is similar to call forwarding—it pushes the message to a different destination than the one it was headed to. 

The Use of Text Forwarding in Business

Customer Support

SMS forwarding helps businesses stay on top of customer communications and provide on-the-spot responses via text message. This makes it an effective feature considering that consumers often prefer SMS as a channel for communication. Offering dedicated and timely support is key to building customer loyalty. 

Sales and Marketing

Two other departments where text forwarding is indispensable are sales and marketing. It enables them to receive prompt notifications every time a potential customer asks a question about a product or service via business text messaging. When companies forward a text message, they can avoid missing sales opportunities and have a competitive advantage over other businesses. 

Employee Operations and Recruitment

Another use of text message forwarding is for employee operations and recruitment purposes. Businesses can stay up to date every time they receive messages from employees or job applicants via SMS. This allows them to reach back out as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Text Message Forwarding

More Flexibility

Text forwarding gives businesses the chance to be more flexible when it comes to replying to customers. As a retailer, you can make sure your clients are getting the information they need wherever you are. You can push messages that are headed to your office mobile over to your email address or personal number. 

Improved Customer Service

Customers expect prompt responses from businesses they reach out to. By forwarding a text message, businesses can reply to those customers without delay. SMS forwarding also makes it easier for customers to make reservations, provide feedback, buy products, and more. 

Streamlined Messaging

For companies that operate in more than one country, handling queries from customers can be tricky. Fortunately, text message forwarding streamlines that communication. Businesses can receive messages from multiple countries and phone numbers in one email inbox or another preferred channel.