Email to SMS: Step by Step Explanation

Jul 18, 2019
Email to SMS

Despite the fact that emails have a relatively lower open and response rates, a lot of people still prefer this channel of communications over others. It’s easy, fast, free of charge and gives unlimited opportunities to unify multiple recipients and separate messages. It still has one of the highest ROI out of all mobile marketing channels.

All this is pretty good. But imagine the following situation: you work with your laptop and there is an urgent issue to clear out with a couple of your colleagues, who are outside the office. Calling them will be time-consuming and texting them individually will be a hassle too. If you decide to send them emails, there is a risk that your message will be opened late.

To ensure there is a solution for situations like this, there are simple browser extensions to transfer any email to text message. All you need to do is just download the extension and control it from your email. It allows you to just click a button and send a text from an email to a recipient’s phone.

It is quite easy and handy to send your text through an email since it makes your message more productive. Moreover, when you transfer your email to SMS, your recipients can reply back as a text. You will still receive the message on your email, which will make it easy for you to sort out the messages.

Regarding the pricing, it is not all that expensive to send text via email. It does depend on the country, but whatever the price is, its usefulness makes up for all that.

Can You Send an Email to a Phone Number?

So, how is it possible to send text through email?

It is actually quite simple. When sending text messages from email, those messages are directed to the recipient’s phone number. The latter then receive the email as a text message on their phones.

When you send an email, the recipient gets an SMS from a local number, but with the email text. But what that number is depends on telecom operators.

Email to text message will come quite handy in a lot of situations. Professionals, for example, mostly prefer receiving text messages over emails. So sending ext message will make the communication look much better.

How to Send a Text From Email?

With all of the important issues covered, it is time to know how to email a text message. It is actually quite simple.

There are three ways for that:

  • By a browser extension
  • By a telecom operator gateway
  • Via online platforms

Sending emails to text messages by a browser extension is quite useful, especially when you are in a low coverage zone. For example, this can be useful when you are on an airplane. So, how to text from email by a browser extension?

  • Step 1: Add an email-to-SMS extension on your browser. There are a couple of extensions that offer pretty much the same conditions for those services. Finding them is easy: you can just do a quick search on browser extensions page and it will bring you the results.
  • Step 2: After adding the extension, you will see a mobile phone symbol near the send button or subject line of the email. The symbol location is different for most of the extensions, but it is very visible.
  • Step 3: Open your email application or website and compose a message. You can compose anything you want, just like you would be composing an ordinary email. However, texts with attachments and longer than 160 characters will be converted into MMS messages.
  • Step 4: After composing the message, you can click on the phone symbol and the system will open up a window to enter the destination phone numbers. Note that most providers will give you a room for just one or two phone numbers on their free trials. However, the paid ones include space for more numbers.
  • Step 5: When the selected numbers are added, you can just click the send button and the recipients will receive the email as a text message. They will see a phone number or gateway email address, depending on their telecom operators.

When you don’t have access to a laptop, you can still send emails to text messages just as easy as with the browser. So how to send an email to a phone in this way? See the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open the email application on your mobile device and compose the message that you need to send. You can use your computer in this way too, in case you find using the extension irrelevant to you.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve composed the message, write the 10-digit cell phone number of your recipient in the “To” field.
  • Step 3: Right next to the 10-digit phone number write “@gateway address” and send the email.

Note that gateway addresses are different for each telecom operator. So, in order to send a message through this way you need to know which operator the recipient is using. If you know the name of the telecom operator, you can just do a quick search and you’ll find the corresponding gateway email address.

For example, in order to send an email to a phone number of T-Mobile or AT&T, you can write (10-digit number) or (10-digit number) correspondingly on the “To” field and your email will be sent as a text message.

SMS to Email

Sending email as a text message is a useful feature indeed. It can save you when you don’t have cellular service, but you are connected to wi-fi. But what if you need to send an email, but you don’t have an internet connection? Today a lot of people don’t have internet coverage all the time, but they do have cellular service.

Thankfully, there is an alternative for that too. You can send SMS to email just as easy as you send email to SMS. It takes just a few steps for sending SMS to email.

  • Step 1: Open the SMS on your phone and write the text that you need to send. The same rule applies here: if your text is longer than 160 characters or contains an attachment, it will be converted into an MMS message.
  • Step 2: In the “To:” field, right where the phone number would be, write the email address. There is no need to write anything else, just the plain email address.
  • Step 3: Send the message and your telecom operator will convert it into an email.

Once you sent the email via text message, your recipient will get it from a coded sender. Your phone number and provider gateway email will appear on the sender section. For example, if your cell phone provider is AT&T or T-Mobile, your message will be sent correspondingly from “(your phone number)” or “(your phone number)”.

It is essential to note here that your phone needs to support MMS services for you to be able to send an email by text message. So, if you are dealing with difficulties, check your phone’s settings. If your MMS service is on but you still can’t send an email, check with your telecom operator. Sometimes, they may not offer MMS services for certain tariffs.

Forward SMS to Email

The biggest advantage that email has over text messaging is its flexibility. It gives users a lot of space for organizing their messages, attachments or just anything else in one place. Moreover, there is also a feature for forwarding SMS to email, which makes it even more practical.

If you have an important message on your phone that you are afraid you’ll lose, you can forward it to your email. In that way you can keep it in the cloud and even if, for some reason it is deleted, you can restore it much easier.

There are a lot more cases when you may need to forward SMS to email. You may receive a lot of important information on your mobile phone, which later you can use in your mail too.

SMS to Email for Android

Forwarding SMS to email on Android phones is pretty simple. The only important thing to consider is activated MMS services or a mobile application that supports SMS to email for Android. So, here is how Android phones do it:

  • Step 1: Open the “Messages” section or the app for text messaging on your phone.
  • Step 2: Choose the messages that you want to forward to your email.
  • Step 3: Click the “Forward” or “Share” button. It is the same deal with iOS phones as well. You need to choose the messages and select forward on the right lower part of the screen.
  • Step 4: Enter the email address that you want to forward the messages to and tap send.

After this, your messages will be forwarded to the mentioned email. However, depending on your network speed, it might take a couple of minutes.

Besides these steps, there are several applications to forward SMS on Android that you can find on Google Play. These apps work when the phone is connected to the Internet. You can set specific filters to messages that you need the app to forward to your email. Some of them can even forward the text message to more than one email or phone number.

Email to SMS Services

There are dozens of great providers that offer email to SMS services. Most of them offer SMS to email services too. Their pricing is relatively similar and the services they provide aren’t too different from each other either. Therefore, it is hard to define the best email to SMS service out there.

Most SMS to email apps will allow you to have multiple emails and send/receive messages from multiple phone numbers. When sending a message from an SMS to an email app, you always receive the replies on the email. The only difference may be that some providers have their own gateway email name. So, when you send an email to a phone number with those providers, you need to write the phone number and the app’s gateway instead of telecom operator’s (e.g. [email protected] name).

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