What IsArrival Alert?

An arrival alert refers to a message that a business sends to a certain customer, informing them when to expect their product or service.

Arrival alerts enable companies and organizations to keep their customers up to date—they can be SMS texts, push notifications, or in-app chat. With SMS texting, businesses can send order tracking and transit information in real time. This allows customers to know exactly when they can expect their order to arrive. 

A transportation service like Uber can update customers via SMS by sending them estimates of when the car will arrive. An online retailer would send an SMS alert to a shopper when their order is being processed and another one when it's out for delivery.

Much like all voice and SMS messaging notifications, arrival alerts get more attention than other channels like email. An added benefit for businesses is that they receive real-time responses. This allows them to automate communications with their audience and enhance the customer experience. 

Benefits of Arrival Alerts

Syncing Operations With Those of Customers

By sending arrival alerts, businesses can synchronize their operations with the customers’ schedules. Customers would then be prepared for the arrival of their order, saving time for everyone involved. 

Preventing Aborted Operations

In certain cases, an entire operation might be discontinued if a customer isn’t expecting their order’s arrival. For example, the customer might not have the payment ready. Sending arrival notifications can reduce the chances of aborted operations. 

Improving Quality of Service

Timely arrival alerts indicate quality service and a strong organization. This helps in improving the customer experience and enhancing the reputation of the company.