What Is Voice Termination?

Voice termination refers to the process of routing a phone call to deliver it to an endpoint with the help of another carrier. After the call is routed and delivered to its endpoint, it is successfully terminated.

To paint a better picture, imagine you're calling from the US to Estonia. Your operator is AT&T and you're getting in touch with a person who uses Telia. Your call cannot be directly routed from AT&T to Telia because these two companies do not have signed agreements. Therefore, your choice call goes through a third party who has an agreement with both companies.

What Does A-Z Termination Mean?

Wholesale A-Z VoIP termination refers to the process of calls being able to be routed and directed to any destination worldwide.

Difference Between Origination and Termination

Making a phone call is a two-part process. Call origination refers to where calls are dialed from; it requires a phone number to operate the origination service. Call termination, on the other hand, refers to the party that receives the call. Essentially, it's when an outbound call has been successfully delivered to the number that was dialed.