If you want to add video, messaging, and voice to your apps without going through the trouble of creating a communications stack, then you need to use the CpaaS platform.

What is a CPaaS?

CPaaS is a platform, which allows app developers to add real-time communications to their apps without having to use a backend interface or infrastructure.

RTCs and real-time communications have been predominant for years, these include your mobile phone apps, like Messenger or WhatsApp. The apps are specifically developed to provide particular services, the vivid example of this is your banking app, with the help of which you are allowed to chat with someone from the customer support team. You cannot, for example, call him when using the app.

Instead of the traditional methods, the RTCs, which are able to fulfill only one role at a time, despite the wish to embed many actions to the app. CPaaS is a sort of an extension that could provide diverse features for communication.

CPaaS is also very affordable and it also covers the expenses of the other services that you need for your application. For example, if you have an app that summarizes the website of your brand, whether it is clothing or transporting company, you can add live chat, email and call options, and so on.

CPaaS-s are also easy to maintain, and if they run into a problem, the solutions usually can be found online without any professional help.

Industries Who Need CPaaS

CPaaS platforms are essential in every industry nowadays, but just like in any industry there are some who need it more.

CPaaS can be especially important for companies in the accounting and financing industries because it is imperative that the clients have trust in the firm. CPaaS can be helpful in expanding the presence of the company outside of the office walls. It ensures that the clients and the firm are always in touch.

Imagine, a small issue that is easy to correct such as a minor miscalculation. If the firm provides a live-chat option to solve it, the client can avoid the trouble of reaching the office personally.

CPaaS platforms can also be found as an important application in the healthcare industry. The major task performed by CPaaS here is sending appointment reminders to both patients and doctors. For example, an app with such a built-in feature could send a notification to the patient a day or an hour before they have an appointment.

Considering the fact that healthcare systems lose more than 100 million dollars each year because of the appointments they missed, CPaaS can help to improve the situation.

Additionally, the CPaaS platform is a great tool for the education sector. It allows teachers to give feedback to their students online, and it also maintains a connection with their parents whenever there is a need.

With the smart usage of CPaaS, the information can be easily communicated horizontally and vertically throughout the university and its administrative staff.

CPaaS Companies

If you are planning to have a CPaaS platform added to your app, here are some companies that you can consider:

RingCentral Connect
- Strong Functionality

Brightlink CPaaS
- Emphasis on ease of usage

Amazon Connect - Added Security, AI services

Message Bird - Simple customization, easy maintenance

Twilio Flex - Coding, High level of applicability

All of these companies provide the whole package of CPaaS services without essential differences. So, whether you need good AI services or just a highly functional CPaaS, you can consult one of these companies that best suit your needs.

In short, CPaaS platforms are getting important day by day. They are a helpful channel to create and consolidate trust among your clients as well as developing an interactive app.

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