Mass Text Messaging Service

Mass text messaging allows you to reach out to audiences of any size within seconds. Make your communication more efficient and productive with our platform.

What is Mass Text?

Mass texting service allows businesses to send SMS messages to large audiences. The process is simple, and everyone can send mass text messages to a huge number of audiences with one click.

Your business should consider doing so too. There are numerous customization options available, which will help you tweak your messages, their repetition, and the targeted groups you wish to send your message to.

It is truly a useful tool to convey a message to various recipients, and it makes it practical for organizations to communicate with their members or clients.

Organizations can send out mass text messages for promotional campaigns, urgent announcements, or any other occasions. This channel of communication is the most effective compared to others, which is why any type of organization needs to consider acquiring one.

How to Send a Mass Text?

In order to send mass text from a computer, all you will need is the right platform. Dexatel allows you to do that and gives you the option to try out the service for free.

When you sign up on our platform and choose to use our service, you will receive free test credits on your balance. This way you can check for yourself just how exactly our mass texting platform works.

This is an excellent opportunity to check the procedure of sending messages and experiencing how your customers or clients will receive those texts. Below you can see the step-by-step description of how to send your first campaign through our platform.


Find the "Sign Up" button on the upper part of the website and click on it.


Enter your required personal details properly and click on the Sign up button.


Sign into your account.


Click on "Campaigns".


Click on "Campaigns".


Click on "Create campaign".


Click on "Add content template" and write the text of the message.


Write the text. Choose templates or create your own. Add personalization.


Choose the list of contacts or add a new one.


Click "Send" and "Submit Campaign".

Mass Texting Service for Business

Mass text messaging for businesses can improve the overall business process. It can be used to quickly send promotional texts, reminders, promotional offers, incentives, competitions, and booking confirmations or even offer customer support.

Mass SMS texting service is low cost and produces high ROI. Most other forms of advertising are cost-prohibitive. Text messaging serves as a great alternative that has a free set up process and low running costs. Lastly, this service has instant deliverability. With this service, you are literally putting your messages straight into your subscribers' pockets, just in a matter of seconds.

The Best Mass Texting Service

There are lots of mass SMS providers now. In order to choose the best one, besides price you also need to consider the following features:

Ready Templates

The best way to send messages is to have ready templates that will help you get your job done, fast and easy. We offer ready-made SMS templates to use in your campaigns.


With this feature, you can divide your contact list into segments for a targeted marketing campaign. You don’t have to send your messages to all of your contacts at once. Instead, you can create separate messages for different segments, for better targeting.

Excel Import

The platform allows you to upload your contact list from an Excel file to our system. So you can easily import your contacts and start messaging them right away.

Size Customization

You are planning to send long text messages to your subscribers, don't worry about the 160-character limit. Split your messages into multiple parts and send them as different messages.

Who Can Use Mass Texting?

If mass text for business didn't seem effective and credible enough for you at first, take into consideration that a lot of different types of industries have used it for a while now. There’s an entire list of such industries, and we’ll concentrate on some of them:











Real Estate

Spas and Salons




Sports Teams

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