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Dexatal should always be your top pick when it comes to mass text messaging. With an astounding ten years of experience in the telecommunication industry, Dexatel’s experienced team provides you with the most efficient mass text messaging service with guaranteed results.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to reach out to a mass audience within seconds to spread your promotional message, Dexatel can help you out. They offer one of the best mass text messaging services in the market today. Not only does our service provide an impressive communication strategy to infiltrate a large audience instantly, but also it saves your time and money. It costs much cheaper than traditional marketing channels like billboards, newspapers and social media. Billboards can be overlooked, news feeds on social media sites can get lost in the crowd, and when exactly was the last time you picked up the newspaper? But if there is a notification you are bound to check regardless of its contents, it’s your everyday phone messages.

Why Choose Us?

Our mass text messaging service is a widespread and favored advertisement technique. All sorts of organizations readily use it to reach out to their target audience within seconds. But what’s important to keep a note of is that any technique is only made effective with the quality of its execution. Here at Dexatel, providing customer satisfaction with a high-quality work yielding beneficial results is our top priority. Now it is possible to send your bulk messages through your computers. Dexatel makes mass text messaging much more straightforward. Our bulk Sms software allows you to dispatch messages directly from your PC. We allow you to select from our rich store of contacts that always present in our database. Not only does it enable you to send out large group messages from your PC, but it also makes sure that the bulk messages are sent out to your desired target audience. Before utilizing our mass text messaging service, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Firstly you should make sure that your message contents are professional and do not look like spam to avoid potential customers from overlooking your advertisement. Your message should be well structured and preferably not lengthy because most clients tend to ignore long paragraphs from unknown sources.

A few other points to consider are the following:

  • Mention the name of your brand
  • Keep messages concise
  • Present value with each message

Not only will this spread your companies name amongst your target audience, but it also will make your messages look much more presentable. When it comes to mass text messaging, you should be short and on point with them. Also, avoid unnecessary content and fluff. However, that does not mean that you should leave out essential details. Secondly, it is important to be well aware of your target audience before you decide to send out a bulk message through mass SMS. Text messaging sent to the wrong audience will not benefit you at all. Moreover, it will turn out to be a complete waste of your time and money. Keep in mind that time will play a critical role in the impact of your bulk messages. Messages are opened instantly, which is why they should be delivered to the audience when your event is just around the corner. Similarly, if you’re offering a product or service, you should already have started accepting customers so that your potential clients can contact you right away. Indeed, if you make your clients wait long, then your message is most likely to slip their mind.

Optimal Frequency of Promotional Text Messages

Regarding the frequency of your promotional text messages, you also need to keep things optimally organized here. Your bulk SMS messages need to serve as constant reminders about your company and its services. However, there is a fine line between timely messages spamming your client. If you message your client too frequently, it may annoy them and create a wrong impression of your brand in their minds. Eventually, this can make them quit reading messages which have your company name in them. Once you have gained command over structuring your message and identifying your target audience, then mass text messaging will become the best method for your business. So what are you waiting for? You give us the content. You decide the audience. You decide the date and time, and Dexatel will get the job done for you!