How to Send Text From Computer

Jul 31, 2019
Text From Computer

I think we can all agree on one point that smartphones these days tend to have bigger screens. Perhaps manufacturers do that to make them more comfortable and practical. However, as much as the screens keep getting bigger, it is still tough for us to compose longer texts on smartphones.

Besides making lots of typos, typing on a sensor screen hurts our fingers and eyes faster than using a keyboard. Most people who experience this annoying situation wish they could send a text from a computer.

Text messages grab the recipient’s attention faster, and they are more convenient. This is one of the reasons that text message marketing is one of the most important components of mobile marketing. Indeed, it is not always convenient to use messenger, WhatsApp or other messaging apps to text to phone from a computer.

So, those who have trouble with typing on a sensor screen long enough may ask themselves, “Can I text from my computer?” Little do they know that the answer is, “Yes, you can send text message from a computer”. Read below to get an in-depth explanation of how to do that.

Send Free Text Messages From Computer by Using Third-Party Websites

There are a lot of ways that you can text from your computer. However, if you want to send an SMS anonymously, the only way is to do it by special websites. Even if you didn’t think of it, there are dozens of reasons that you’d want to text anonymously.

For example, you may want to prank your friend, confess love to someone or if the recipient has blocked your personal phone number, but you have something important to tell them. You can come up with your own reasons and read below to see what are the websites you need to check out for sending anonymous text messages for free.

Note that according to the terms and conditions of those websites, you should not send a text message from a computer to abuse, harass, scare, or any other similar reason. Even if you plan to prank your friend, you need to consider that you may be committed to the offense of fraud. Any actions like these will be considered illegal. If after all this you want to know how to send text from computer anonymously, you can check the websites down here.


SendAnonymousSMS is a completely free and user-friendly website, which many think is the best one of its kind. In order to send an anonymous SMS on this website you just need to enter a couple of details.

First, you need to write the SMS sender’s phone number. Apparently, you can write anything you want there since it’s meant to be anonymous. Then, you need to choose the country and write the destination number.

After these steps, you can just write the message text and security code, which is a blurred text that you need to uncover. The website gives you a space for 145 characters. Its most significant advantages are that it doesn’t require registration and has the widest range of countries you can send SMS to.

So if you were wondering before, “Can I text someone from my computer for free?” now you know that you can.


TextEm also doesn’t require registration to send text messages from a computer. All you need to do for using the website is writing the recipient’s phone number, mobile carrier, and the text. TextEm allows you to use 150 characters per text.

Although the website allows you to send text messages to over 90 telecom operators, the country range is still limited. In other words, if you live anywhere other than the US, Canada or Europe, you can’t use this website to text a phone from a computer.


As opposed to the previous websites, SendSMSnow does require registration. However, it also provides features that no other website does. For example, you can create contacts and send them text messages periodically. You can also view the history of sent messages.

SendSMSnow allows you to send unlimited text messages, but only within a shortlist of countries. The website allows you to use 130 characters for each text message.

Another feature that makes this website stand out is that you can send the same message to a group of people. However, this feature costs a cent per text, which means that it will cost you ten cents to send an SMS to ten people.


TxtDrop is a great and useful website for sending anonymous text messages. However, only people from the US and Canada can use this website.

The most significant advantage of TxtDrop over others is that you can receive a reply to your message if you wish to. When sending a text message, it gives you space to mention an email address, to which later you’ll receive the replies.

The website is convenient and easy to use. There is no exact character limit mentioned, but it should be approximately from 120 to 160.

Send Text from Computer Using Extensions

Perhaps the most practical way to send a text message from computer to cell phone is through converting email to SMS. This will give you some options of receiving replies and sorting out messages later. There are two easy ways that you can text from a computer.

First, if you use Gmail and one of the popular browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, you can download and enable an extension to send email as a text message. After downloading the extension, you will see a phone icon near the send button on your Gmail account.

After that, you can compose your message and click on the phone button. It will open up space for you to enter the destination number and send the text message from a computer to phone. If the recipient replies to the text, it comes to your email automatically.

You can send ten messages each month with the extension. However, if you want to upgrade for an unlimited package, you will have to pay around $55/month. Considering that it may come handy in quite a lot of situations, it can easily make up for the price.

This shows you how to text from your computer using Gmail. However, if you don’t prefer using it, or want to know another way to text from computer to cell phone, there is still an alternative for that.

Send Free Text from Email

If you don’t use Gmail or any of the popular browsers mentioned above, this way of sending text from a computer to phone is for you. In order to send free text in this way you will need to know the telecom operator of the recipient and the operator’s gateway address. It is also important to note that this option is available mainly for the US and Canada.

In order to send a text message with this option, you should log in to your email application or website and compose the text that you want to send. After that in the “To” field you need to write the 10-digit destination phone number, then next to it @gateway address.

How do I send a text message to an AT&T phone from my computer?

If you want to send a text message to an AT&T phone from your computer, you will just need these four simple steps.

  • Log in to your email account
  • Compose the text that you want to send
  • In the “To” field write 10-digit [email protected]
  • Send the email as you would normally do

After these steps, the recipient will receive your email as a text message. If the recipient replies to your message, it comes to your email inbox. This is the only way to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer.

Send Text Message From Computer to Verizon

Some telecom operators like Verizon allow their customers to log in to their accounts and text from a computer from their websites. If you want to know whether your telecom operator allows sending text messages from computer, you can check their website for that information.

If your provider is Verizon, you can log in to My Verizon Account, which will let you send free text messages from your computer. The website will allow you to send multimedia messages as well. Additionally, there is a desktop application for computers, in case the customer needs this option.

Besides this, you can also send a text message to Verizon’s phone using the very same four steps described above. The only difference is that you’ll need to write 10-digit [email protected] in the “To” field and send the message. If you need to send text messages to other carrier operators’ phones.

If you are planning to use this option, it is important to know that both the phone and telecom operator need to support MMS services. Besides this, any message that will be longer than 160 characters or contain any kind of attachment, will be sent as an MMS.

The slight issue here is that some providers have different gateway addresses, so you might need to write different address in that case. You can find the gateway addresses for MMS services in the same link above. For AT&T and Verizon, the gateway addresses are respectively 10-digit [email protected] and 10-digit [email protected]

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