Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Jun 27, 2019
Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Do you think that text messages are long gone and there is no use for it? Well, not really. Stick around and you will find out why.

If you have just started up a business, you have to put in a substantial amount of effort and concentration in marketing. Most of the newly started businesses are struggling to find flexible ways of marketing their products or services. Some of them go for the latest innovations such as artificial intelligence or automated email marketing. However, not many realize how important it is to use text message marketing for small businesses.

why sms marketing is essential for small business

Why SMS Marketing is Essential for Small Business

A popular belief among small business entrepreneurs is that social media marketing is currently the most effective one. It is almost free, so most of them don’t hesitate to lean towards it, hoping that it can make their businesses successful.

The problem here is that only posts and stories are free on social media. Disseminating those posts and stories already costs money. Besides, effective social media marketing includes advertisements targeting a specific audience, which have two major problems.

  • First, AI targets audiences mostly using the emails that they signed in with. The problem here can be that the customers may not use them anymore, or they might have registered on Facebook with another email. This means that the ad messages simply don’t go anywhere and most of the targeting is actually wasted. Needless to say that most of what actually reaches to target audience is neglected. Indeed, not everyone clicks on ads they see on social media.
  • Second, artificial intelligence targeting may not always be precise. Yes, it can identify what the user’s previous preferences were. But it doesn’t guarantee that those preferences are up to date. Besides, the user may receive a lot of similar ads and just hide them all away.

Another issue with imprecise targeting is that most of the times AI targets an audience based on age groups or location, meaning that messages reach all members of the targeted audience, which is unnecessary.

On the one hand, it may seem that the more people see the ad messages, the more the brand awareness will rise. On the other hand, those very people see similar ad messages dozens of times a day, so they are more likely to be used to ignoring all of them. This means that most of the actual ad placing is a waste of time and space.

In contrast, SMS marketing specifically targets the customers that opted in beforehand with their phone numbers. They might have either used the company’s products/services or showed interest in them. Most people don’t check their emails every day. At best they check their emails once or twice a day. Compared to email marketing, text messages have an edge here too, as people check their text messages regularly, if not instantly once they receive it. The majority of the time, SMS marketing lists do not require an address verification to the extent email lists do.

This, again, reduces the chances of wasting means and shows a more intimate approach to a customer. Text messages are short and concise, so chances are high that the customer will read and comprehend the message. This, in turn, can raise brand awareness much more than most other marketing channels. This brings to the point that SMS marketing for small businesses is one of the most efficient marketing channels.

test for free our text marketing platform as a small business owner

Test for Free Our Text Marketing Platform as a Small Business Owner

If you are a small business entrepreneur, you can check out our text message marketing platform here. The platform gives a free trial for you to check the quality of its services. It offers one of the best text message services with a bargain price. It also has one of the highest rates of delivery (over 98 %).

Best SMS Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

Besides the free trial, our platform offers you a variety of features. Some of them are

  • Excel Import

You can easily upload Excel spreadsheets to the platform. It comes quite handy when uploading phone number data. This creates a better and easier user experience.

  • Custom Segmentation

This feature allows you to divide your customer database into segments. You can use this to differentiate the more loyal customers in case there are special offers for them.

  • Message Scheduling

The platform allows you to schedule the dates and times of text messages. You can preset specific time periods and it will do the rest of the job for you.

  • Size Customization

The system allows you to divide long text messages into multiple parts for better efficiency.

  • Message Personalization

Personalized content is in trend now. Having in mind that text message marketing for small business is a more efficient one, message personalization can create a friendlier atmosphere between your company and your clients.

  • Ready Templates

Most of the times you may not even need an employee to write SMS texts. Our platform includes ready-to-go SMS templates.

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

In order to access our website, you don’t necessarily need to have a computer with you. Our website is mobile-friendly and is optimized for all mobile devices.

  • Advanced analytics

This feature allows you to track multiple data. You can get information on message delivery rates, customer engagement rate and much more than that.

  • API Integration

As a built-in function, the platform includes an API integration for automated text messages.

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