Dexatel Welcomes Customer.io as a Partner

Dexatel Customer.io Partnership

Tallinn, Estonia, May 2023 — Dexatel entered a strategic partnership with Customer.io, facilitating an integration that will allow Customer.io’s clients to benefit from Dexatel’s messaging solutions. The agreement combines the efforts of both companies to provide businesses with a reliable and efficient communication platform. 

With Customer.io’s providers of texting solutions now being Twilio and Dexatel, the company’s customers will have the chance to opt for their provider of choice to use for their campaigns. 

Customer.io will also be adding helpful guides to the resources section of their website. The guides will aim to demonstrate how integrations with Dexatel work. Dexatel will publish its own guides, ensuring that its audiences are well-informed about how the integrations can be implemented. 

The partnership between the two companies means that businesses choosing to adopt Dexatel’s solutions through Customer.io will have to open accounts with both platforms. This guarantees that both companies can offer the best customer experience while benefiting from the collaboration. 

Customer.io’s special interest in SMS and WhatsApp as business communication channels comes as an advantage for Dexatel, which specializes in those channels in addition to Viber, Voice, and most recently RCS. By partnering with Customer.io, Dexatel hopes to expand its audience to which it provides top-notch communication services. 

About Customer.io

Customer.io is a marketing automation platform that allows marketers to have more control and flexibility when creating and sending data-driven SMS texts, emails, in-app messages, and push notifications. With effective and logic-based tools, the company empowers its clients to connect with their audiences through automated campaigns. Customer.io uses behavior analytics to help businesses overcome their customer service challenges and enhance the customer experience.

About Dexatel

Dexatel is a leading provider of innovative cloud communication solutions that enable businesses to interact with their customers easily, securely, and cost-efficiently. The company encourages businesses to create exceptional customer interactions and sell more via text messaging. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge technology, Dexatel is dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving tech landscape.