Custom Sender ID

Custom Sender ID

How Does a Custom Sender ID Work?

Before sending an SMS message, the business starts by choosing a custom sender ID to appear as the sender information on the recipient’s phone. The text is then routed through an SMS gateway, which checks whether the sender ID is supported and compliant with local regulations. 

Some countries or mobile carriers may impose restrictions on the use of sender IDs because of privacy concerns or anti-spam measures. Certain other regions, on the other hand, may not support custom sender IDs at all. In this case, the SMS gateway replaces them with standard phone numbers.

Benefits of a Custom Sender ID 

Customized sender IDs can be useful when it comes to mass texting campaigns that the recipient doesn’t need to interact with. A bulk SMS custom sender ID adds credibility to the message. Other key advantages of using a custom sender ID include:

  • Boosting brand awareness: By using their company name as a custom sender ID, businesses can boost brand awareness

  • Increasing customer engagement: Sending bulk messages with a custom sender name that the recipient will instantly recognize can increase customer engagement

  • Tailoring SMS campaigns: Customizing sender identification can be ideal for bolstering personalized SMS marketing campaigns

Sending SMS Messages Using a Custom Sender ID

To send custom sender ID SMS messages, a business must first register for a sender ID. An easy way for companies and organizations to send messages with an alphanumeric sender ID is to register for one through a business texting provider.

The terms and conditions of registering for a customized sender ID vary from one country to another. A business needs to abide by any fees and regulations that may apply. Certain countries, for instance, will require businesses to register their brand and messaging with mobile networks before they can send custom ID texts. 

Moreover, a custom SMS sender ID only allows for one-way messaging. Mentioning a separate number in the text, however, can make it possible for recipients to reach out to the business if necessary. The sender can also include a link to a different communication channel. 

Custom Sender ID Alternatives

A customized sender ID isn’t accessible in every country. A company or an organization that can’t register for one but wishes to enjoy the same kinds of benefits can always opt for alternatives. These include dedicated short codes and 10-digit long codes.

Dedicated Short Codes

Dedicated short codes are 5 or 6-digit numbers that businesses use to send SMS messages. These numbers are easy to identify since each one is unique to the company that uses them. One downside of short codes is that they tend to be expensive, and it can take time to obtain one. Much like choosing a sender ID, there’s a registration process involved. 

10-Digit Long Codes

10-digit long code, or 10-DLC number, is a standard phone number that businesses can use to connect with their customers via SMS or voice call. Registering for a 10-DLC with a local area code that recipients would recognize makes it more likely for them to engage with the message. To minimize spam and ensure legitimate SMS traffic, mobile networks require companies and organizations in the United States to register their long codes. 

How to Create a Custom Sender ID With Dexatel

With Dexatel’s Customized Sender Name, businesses can set their brand or company name to appear on the recipient’s mobile device once they receive a message. Besides making the message more recognizable, this feature also adds more value to the brand and is ideal for one-way messages that don’t require a response. 

Applying for custom sender IDs can differ from network to network and country to country depending on local telecommunications rules and regulations. The following instructions show how to create a Customized Sender Name: 

  • Go to “Senders” and select “Sender IDs”

  • Insert the name you want to appear on the phone number

  • Enter your company information and click on “Request”

Please note that our moderation team has to review the application for a customized sender ID. If everything is in order, Dexatel assigns the sender name to your account.

Why Choose Dexatel

As a company specializing in business messaging solutions, Dexatel boasts a wide array of powerful features like custom sender IDs and prioritizes customer satisfaction. Users enjoy a dependable and secure texting service that guarantees seamless communication. 

Dexatel’s platform seamlessly integrates with diverse applications, including CRM tools. This allows businesses to create a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy. Moreover, the unified interface streamlines the management of all inbound messages from customers. 

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