Dexatel Introduces Its A2P Out Solution

Dexatel A2P Out

Tallinn, Estonia, January 22, 2023 — Dexatel announced the development of its Application-to-Person Out solution, which is now ready for the market. This tool will allow mobile network operators to broaden their revenue streams by expanding their business and getting a wider market reach. 

By developing the A2P Out solution with leading technologies, Dexatel aims to empower MNOs with the tools to surpass their usual limitations. The product will make the brand identities of clients more visible for MNOs. Once the operator defines the target destination and expected message volumes, Dexatel will analyze the goals and propose tailored rate options. The operator will then be able to collaborate with Dexatel to establish connectivity and begin the go-live process.

With Dexatel’s A2P Out, MNOs will benefit from enhanced quality of service, streamlined invoicing that minimizes administrative overhead, as well as a secure and spam-free ecosystem for customers. Operators will also be able to mitigate losses and avoid missing potential revenue opportunities as they gain a wider reach. Moreover, they will have access to 24/7 assistance for problem resolution. At the same time, brands can ensure a seamless global experience, maintaining sender IDs across borders.

The release of this solution is a great leap for Dexatel as well, promoting its role as a favorable partner in the telecommunications landscape. The communications service provider will be able to enhance its traffic margin as a result of the service while building stronger relationships with MNOs. Dexatel’s A2P Out demonstrates the company’s dedication to offering high-quality services that elevate the telecom industry to new heights.