Dexatel Launches Network Penetration Testing

Dexatel NPT

Tallinn, Estonia, January 8, 2024 — Dexatel announced the launch of its Network Penetration Testing solution. With this tool, operators will be able to identify and address weaknesses in SMS traffic while keeping threats at bay and guaranteeing secure communication. 

The company created the NPT tool using advanced technologies to reinforce telecom infrastructures with a secure and robust foundation. The tool, which is now ready for the market, will detect and mitigate IP bypasses, including those from SIM farms, local networks, RCS and OTT channels, and local interconnects. This will help ensure the integrity and profitability of the user’s communication services. 

In terms of advantages, Dexatel’s NPT offers multi-device optimization, real-world simulation, versatile A2P testing, and global language integration. The solution also provides a routes testing feature that analyzes marketing trends in traffic routing for mobile network operators. 

Dexatel’s expertise in A2P generation scenarios as well as a comprehensive database of services play a key role in the NPT process. This wealth of information allows for the quick establishment of effective protection policies and enables companies to seamlessly monetize global networks. MNOs can proactively address security risks and avoid missing revenue opportunities. 

The release of this new tool is a huge step forward for Dexatel, boosting the company’s status as a reliable provider of business communication solutions and an innovator in the realm of mobile security. It also showcases Dexatel’s commitment to delivering premium services that allow businesses to connect with their audiences easily, securely, and cost-efficiently.