Dexatel Releases Its SMS Firewall Solution

Dexatel SMS Firewall

Tallinn, Estonia, February 1, 2024 — Dexatel launched its SMS Firewall solution, taking a further step forward in its efforts to guarantee communication security. This feature, which is now available, will allow operators to protect their text messaging services by preventing potential risks. 

The company developed the SMS Firewall to empower telecom providers with a robust and fully shielded infrastructure. By using machine learning algorithms, the solution detects and blocks various types of messaging threats like cybersecurity attacks, A2P grey routing, and SMS fraud. It offers premium features including an anti-SMS phishing guard as well as link scanning and spam blocking. 

Mobile operators can benefit from full regulatory compliance, lower ownership costs, and a higher revenue potential. The Firewall provides cross-protocol support to enable compatibility with multiple messaging protocols, ensuring comprehensive protection. It also offers real-time analytics that allow for proactive safeguarding of SMS traffic. 

With Dexatel’s SMS Firewall, users will be able to monetize their A2P traffic, prevent revenue leaks, and boost the financial performance of their messaging strategies. They can seamlessly integrate the solution into their messaging infrastructure thanks to its flexible deployment. 

The launch of this robust tool benefits Dexatel as well, advancing the company’s position as a key provider of reliable communications solutions and an expert in the landscape of digital security. It displays Dexatel’s devotion to offering industry-leading services that exceed market expectations and allow companies to communicate with security and cost efficiency.