There are hundreds of different SMS providers around the world. Therefore, you need to choose one for your business very carefully. When choosing an SMS provider, you need to pay attention to the range of services provided, platform dependability and their geographical span. Some high-quality providers like ExpertTexting have a few years of experience, yet are already among the best vendors out there.

It is also important to look at the pricing policies of those companies for their services. For example, Dexatel doesn’t offer fixed prices, but it is open for negotiations. On the other hand, Nexmo offers fixed prices for messages, but it has rather flexible packages.

For more information about the 5 most popular SMS provider, read our article below. Please note that the article is not a comparable analysis. It just gives a general overview of 5 vendors that have established themselves in the market.


Dexatel is a leading telecom company and one of the best SMS and voice providers. It has over 500 million interconnections worldwide with over 1 million traffic daily. With Dexatel you can build a software that will help you communicate with everyone in the world by calls and text messaging.

Unlike many other SMS vendors, Dexatel pricing is flexible. It increases the chances for its clients to agree on a mutually beneficial price.

Dexatel provides a range of voice, SMS messaging and Hosted PBX services. With Hosted PBX you can manage your office telephone network without having to spend too much on telecom operators. The entire system is operated and maintained by the VoIP (Voice-over-IP) service. Your employees can work from outside the office, while still being connected to the same office telephone system.

With offices in 4 countries (USA, Armenia and Estonia), the company brings international expertise and consultancy into the mainstream of SMS marketing.


Twilio is another reliable communication service based in San Francisco, California. These are the three main reasons why you should consider Twilio for your business.

Programmable communication: this is something that sets Twilio aside from other providers. Twilio provides API for Messaging, Voice, Video and Authentication services. This prevents you from the hustle of engineering for scalability and uptime, writing custom codes for API and etc. The platform of Twilio is also adaptable for any programming language.

Super network: you won’t need to negotiate contracts with carriers to set up interconnections to build algorithms for routing, monitoring and failover. Twilio distributed software layer allows you to reach everyone, without having to rinse and repeat the process for every region.

Business model for innovators: Twilio provides you with analytics for future usage patterns and builds a business case to reflect future returns. You are left to just use your prototype and scale up on demand, nothing more.


Nexmo provides reliable SMS, Voice and Authentication services. The company offers considerably flexible pricing. The cost per message for most countries ranges between 0.04 to 0.07 euro. You can send SMS messages to countries like India even for 0.008 euro per message or to Israel for 0.01.

Nexmo allows you to send automatic text messages from anywhere in the world. You can also engage customers in real-time using Facebook Messenger, WeChat and other messaging apps. Customization for any app, website or voice-based communication system is effortless with Nexmo.

Additionally, Nexmo SIP Trunking lets you make and receive calls from the cloud using your own infrastructure system.

Nexmo also offers two-factor authentication and real-time intelligence on any phone number in the world.


Infobip is also one of the most reliable SMS providers. It is the best-rated vendor in ROCCO’s 2017 A2P SMS message vendor survey with a rating of 4.24 out of 5.

Aside from regular SMS, Infobip offers 2-way SMS, 2FA, number lookup, voice, push, email, chat apps and Omni. You can connect with it through API, database operation, and Infobip portal.

Infobip uses its own Gate Solution for protection against unsolicited SMS spam and prevention of potentially unlawful communications among other things.


ExperTexting is a relatively younger SMS vendor, established only in 2012. However, it has already managed to spread in different regions of North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

ExpertTexting offers businesses cost-efficient services that can make communication easy for their customers. It has an exceptional API that can integrate with any leading CRM in the world. This is very impressive for a company this young.

ExperTexting targets not only large businesses but also small and growing ones. Currently, the company has over 15000 businesses partners.

Take your time to choose the one that suits your needs best. You can visit each one of their websites to check more information before making your choice.