Top 25 Christmas Messages for Customers: Templates to Use

Dikran Seferian
Dikran SeferianContent Writer

Published: Dec 11, 2023

Christmas Messages For Customers

When it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, all you want to do is spread joy to your customers. One way to do so is by sending out Christmas messages. It’s a chance to make your customers feel valued and a good opportunity to squeeze in one last SMS promotion for the year. While you just need to write a couple of heartfelt messages with warm wishes and schedule them, December can be a hectic time. That’s why we decided to draft a list of holiday messages for customers on your behalf. But first, let’s find out why Christmas wishes for clients are important.

Why Send Christmas Messages to Customers

1. Building Customer Relationships

Much like Thanksgiving messages, sending holiday messages is a great way to connect with customers on a personal level. By acknowledging and celebrating the holidays, you can establish a sense of familiarity with your customers, which can help with continued business. This personal touch can result in long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

Christmas greetings for customers with holiday card messages are also an opportunity to thank them for their support throughout the successful year. Expressing appreciation and heartfelt wishes can foster a stronger sense of loyalty. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to continue buying from you.

2. Creating a Positive Atmosphere

The holiday season is all about joy and good vibes; a very merry team can make a wonderful year for business. By sending Christmas messages, you can contribute to creating a positive and festive atmosphere for customers. This can, in turn, do wonders for the overall customer experience and leave a positive impression.

Moreover, Christmas messages allow you to align your brand image with the positive sentiments of the season and the upcoming year. You can come off as approachable, caring, and in tune with customer emotions, as well as keeping the holiday spirit alive.

3. Promoting Company Values

Christmas messages can serve as a platform for showcasing core values. Expressing goodwill and gratitude, sending best wishes for a prosperous Christmas, and a commitment to spreading joy align with positive company values. This can resonate with customers who appreciate businesses that go beyond transactions.

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When you think of the holiday season, you think of giving, sharing, and celebrating. By incorporating these ideas into Christmas messages, you can get in tune with the broader cultural and social aspects of the season. This enables you to promote a positive brand image.

5 Types of Christmas Text Messages to Send

1. Professional Yet Warm Holiday Wishes

This is where you’ll want to convey warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season while maintaining a professional tone. It's suitable for businesses—like the legal industry—whose clients are highly professional and expect corporate-level messages at all times.

Aim to include traditional holiday greetings in your corporate Christmas messages, express your gratitude for the customer's support, and wish them happiness during the holidays. Use polished language that reflects the professionalism of your business.

2. Casual and Cheerful Christmas Messages

Casual and cheerful holiday messages are more laid-back and friendly. They're ideal if you want to connect with your audience on a personal level, using a somewhat informal tone that is approachable.

In this case, you’re free to use emojis, colloquial language, and an overall conversational tone. The goal is to create a sense of friendship and celebrate the festive season in a relaxed manner.

3. Personalized Wishes for Long-Standing Customers

Personalized Christmas messages are the ones you send to customers who have been loyal to your business for a long time. It adds a personal touch, acknowledging their history with your brand.

In a Christmas message for valued customers, you can mention the “patron's” continued support or express sincere appreciation for their loyalty. Use an appreciative tone, aiming to strengthen the bond with your customer.

4. Fun and Creative Christmas Text Messages

Fun and creative Christmas messages add a dash of playfulness and imagination to the mix. They're meant to catch the reader’s attention and create excitement.

You can include humor, wordplay, or references to holiday traditions in a creative way. The objective here is to entertain the recipient while expressing wishes and maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere.

5. Inclusive Holiday Text Messages

Inclusive Christmas messages for clients are those with diversity and unity in mind. They aim to celebrate the festive season in a way that resonates with a broad and multicultural audience.

Make sure to acknowledge different cultural celebrations, be inclusive in your language, and emphasize the universal aspects of the holiday season. You’ll want to make all customers feel seen and included, regardless of their background. This is especially important if you have a global customer base. 

Best Practices for Writing a Christmas Message

Make It Personal

Personalize your holiday greetings by making use of customer data. You can refer to past interactions, purchases, or preferences to create a more relevant and personalized message. This enhances the customer's connection with the brand. Include the recipient's name in the message to make it even more personal.

Maintain a Consistent Tone

Make sure the tone and style of your Christmas wishes for customers match your brand identity. Whether your brand is formal, casual, or humorous, being consistent helps reinforce brand recognition and familiarity. 

Include a Call to Action

If it suits your business goals, include a call to action in your Christmas messages. This could be an invitation to participate in a holiday promotion, attend a charitable event, or perhaps visit your website for exclusive deals. Clear calls-to-action drive customer interaction.

Use Christmas-related texts as an opportunity to inform your valued clients and customers about any special promotions, events, or activities related to the holidays. Encourage them to participate and make the most of the festive offerings.

Be Timely and Relevant

Be mindful of the timing of your Merry Christmas wishes. Sending greetings too early or too late can reduce their impact. Aim for a timeframe that corresponds with cultural norms, making sure messages are timely and relevant. And if it makes sense to do so, consider adding relevant social or cultural references that your audience can relate to during the season.

Be Authentic and Positive

Authenticity is key when sending Christmas messages to clients. Craft messages that convey your warmest wishes and sincere gratitude. Avoid generic or overly formal language, and aim for a sincere tone that your customers will appreciate.

Remember to elevate your messages with warm and positive language that captures the spirit of the season. Foster an emotional connection by evoking feelings of joy, warmth, and celebration in your customers.

Add Value

It’s always a good idea to add a bit of value to your Christmas message for clients. This can include expressing gratitude for loyalty, offering special holiday discounts, or even providing helpful tips or recommendations for the festive season. You can also share engaging content, like fun activities or holiday-themed contests. Adding a touch of creativity and personalization goes a long way toward fostering a positive experience for your audience.

Acknowledge Diversity

Recognize that customers may celebrate various holidays and traditions during the season. Come up with messages that are inclusive, acknowledging the diversity and multicultural nature of your customer base. Try avoiding exclusive language that may unintentionally exclude certain groups. For example, many African Americans celebrate Kwanzaa from December 26 to January 1. This holiday, which celebrates African heritage and unity, culminates in a festive gathering known as Karamu Ya Imani (Feast of Faith). 

Sample Christmas Messages to Send During the Holidays

Professional Christmas Messages

  1. “Seasons greetings from the Ross & Rodgers team! May our warmest festive wishes bring new hope for the coming year!”

  2. “Dear client, as the year comes to an end, we want to express our gratitude for your partnership. Redwood Realtors wishes you a joyful season and continued success in the coming year!”

  3. “Have a splendid Christmas! Your loyalty is our blessing. Here’s to a happy holiday season and a prosperous year ahead.”

  4. “May your peaceful Christmas season be full of laughter and special moments. Thank you for choosing us!”

  5. “The State Holdings team wishes you a very warm Christmas and a prosperous holiday season filled with happiness.”

Casual Yet Joyful Holiday Season Texts

  1. “Hi there! We're sending you all the blessings this winter. May your days be filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of good vibes. Cheers to a fabulous Christmas!”

  2. “Have yourself a merry little Christmas! May your nights be bright and your hearts be light. God bless everyone!"

  3. “It’s that time of the year again! May the magic of Christmas fill your home with love and care. Let the festivities begin!”

  4. “The Full Cart family wishes you a cozy Christmas full of love, laughter, and all the good stuff! Enjoy the jolly season with your loved ones and Christmas gifts aplenty!”

  5. “A very Merry Christmas from Shirtera! We hope your joyous holiday season is as bright and awesome as a Christmas tree on a December night.”

Personalized Happy Holiday Season Messages

  1. “Joyous Christmas to your amazing customer of 6 years! Your loyalty for this past year is our greatest gift. We hope you enjoy your holiday season to the fullest.”

  2. “Merry Christmas, Jim! Thank you for being part of our wonderful journey. We wish you a beautiful holiday season filled with happiness and joy.”

  3. “Happy holidays, Andy! Your continued support means the world to us. We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic year ahead.”

  4. “Seasons greetings, Mike! Thank you for trusting in us. May your holiday bring you joy and warmth.”

  5. “Blessed Christmas, Pamela! Your support has been the highlight of our year. Here’s a 50% discount on your next order.”

Fun Holiday Season Messages

  1. “Santa called. He said you’ve been extra nice this year. That’s why we’re giving you 75% off your next purchase. Happy Christmas from Shirtera!”

  2. “Our Christmas elves are working extra to spread holiday cheer! Log in for a special gift. Happy holidays!”

  3. “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell sock—the North Pole said you’re on the “nice” list, so we’re giving you a pair of our unique socks with your next order.”

  4. “Hold on to your candy canes! Christmas is here! Drop by our bakery on Friday for a fun gingerbread house contest. Winner gets a free order!”

  5. “The holiday season can be expensive, but we’ve got your backs. Go to http://bit.ly/p1we1 to get 40% off on your next purchase. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!”

Inclusive Merry Christmas Texts

  1. “Warmest wishes to all our clients around the world! Thank you for making this year memorable. We hope this festive season brings us all closer together, spreading joy to every corner.”

  2. “Seasons greetings from Best Nest! May the holidays be a time of love, acceptance, and celebration for everyone.”

  3. “Warmest holiday wishes to our beautifully diverse community! May this season unite us in joy and peace.”

  4. “Flavoroso wishes you a healthy holiday season that embraces the beauty of diversity and the spirit of unity. Happy holidays and all the joy!”

  5. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Tall Tale Travels wishes you a wonderful holiday season full of shared celebrations and the spirit of togetherness.”