How to Use the Dexatel Extension for Pipedrive

Diana Nersisyan
Diana NersisyanProduct Owner

Published: Aug 24, 2023

How To Use The Dexatel Extension On Pipedrive

Recently, Dexatel entered a partnership with Pipedrive, an online CRM software provider with a wealth of features. This strategic collaboration means that Dexatel has an extension for Pipedrive users to install and make use of. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved; Dexatel expands its user base, Pipedrive adds to its abundant list of integrations, and users get access to top features. 

Understanding the Pipedrive Integration

Dexatel’s extension for Pipedrive allows you to instantly connect with your audience wherever they are, whether it’s an individual lead, a group of customers, or your entire contact list. Send special offers, order confirmations, appointment reminders, time-sensitive updates, and more while easily managing your communications from one place. By integrating your Pipedrive SMS workspace with the Dexatel platform, you can:

  • Send SMS messages to individual Pipedrive contacts

  • Send mass texts to your Pipedrive contact list through filters

  • Customize your sender ID to enhance brand awareness

  • Compose Pipedrive text messages in any language or alphabet

What You Can Do With Pipedrive’s Dexatel Extension

1. Reach Out to Individual Contacts

Pipedrive SMS integration with Dexatel makes sending and receiving individual messages easy. Whether you’re delivering payment reminders, updating a customer about an order, or trying to drive a prospect through the sales pipeline, Dexatel’s platform guarantees that your text message reaches its destination quickly and efficiently. 

  • Immediately get in touch with potential customers after they show interest, making sure they stay engaged and boosting the chances of conversion

  • Remind clients about their upcoming payments and confirm successful transactions

  • Send a follow-up text to your customers, thanking them for their time or providing additional information after a call or a meeting

  • Keep customers posted about their orders, requests, or any updates in the sales process

  • Send reminders for booked appointments, scheduled meetings, or product demonstrations 

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2. Reach a Massive Audience

Pipedrive texting via Dexatel’s SMS platform allows for sending bulk messages to a wide audience. Deliver general updates, promotional messages, urgent alerts, and more directly from your Pipedrive account. 

  • Let your audience know about discounts, limited offers, or new product releases to drive sales and build customer loyalty

  • Keep customers in the loop regarding scheduled maintenance, service interruptions, and other important information

  • Invite contacts to attend webinars, workshops, product launches, and other events that might interest them

  • Get in touch with inactive leads and regain their attention with special offers 

  • Inform customers about point balances, loyalty program updates, or special deals that are exclusive to VIP members

4. Customize Your Sender Name

Dexatel’s SMS platform lets you choose a custom sender name for text messaging campaigns. This boosts the effectiveness of your SMS marketing strategies. It also helps in maintaining compliance with texting regulations that require being transparent with your identity.

  • Build trust and credibility by allowing recipients to recognize the source of the text

  • Assure recipients that they are communicating with a known entity instead of a generic one

  • Minimize the chances of your messages being mistaken for spam by going for a sender name that your recipients can associate with your business

  • Use A/B testing to figure out which sender name works best 

  • Boost your localized marketing efforts by using a sender ID that is relevant to a specific location

  • Use district sender names to differentiate your messaging if you have multiple brands or services within your company

  • Prevent confusion if the name of your company is different from its legal entity or trading name

  • Convey authority and expertise in your industry with your sender name, making your recipients more receptive to your SMS communications

5. Choose Any Language or Alphabet

With Dexatel, you can compose your messages in any language or alphabet. This allows you to tailor your communications to global audiences and widen your marketing horizons while catering to cultural and linguistic diversities. 

  • Break down language barriers and expand your marketing reach

  • Show respect for specific cultural preferences and differences

  • Create a more personalized experience by writing messages in the recipients’ native tongue

  • Boost conversion rates by sending messages that recipients can understand and possibly act upon

  • Enhance your brand image by portraying your business as inclusive and international

  • Gain a competitive advantage by being able to communicate in multiple languages

  • Make all your customers feel valued and acknowledged, regardless of what language they speak

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing multilingual customer support

How to Set Up and Use the Dexatel Extension

Before you start sending Pipedrive text messages with Dexatel, you will need to have active accounts with both Pipedrive and Dexatel. You must also have a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service. Here is what you will need to do:

Step 1: Start by Creating Your Free Dexatel Account

  1. Head over to https://dashboard.dexatel.com/sign-up/ and create an account

  2. Once you sign up, verify your email address. This is essential for security and access to the services

  3. Verify your phone number to make sure you can send and receive SMS text messages

  4. With the previous steps out of the way, submit the form to activate your 30-day free trial account

Step 2: Install the Dexatel App on Pipedrive

  1. From the Pipedrive Marketplace page, go to the “Apps” tab toward the top left corner of the screen

  2. Use the search bar to find Dexatel. You can also browse for it by scrolling down

  3. After entering the Dexatel page, Click on “Install now”. This completes the Pipedrive integration with Dexatel and you can start using the features

Step 3: Send Individual or Bulk Messages from Your Pipedrive Account 

  1. Select who you want to send your message to from your contact list

  2. Click on “Send Dexatel SMS”

  3. Choose a sender name and compose your text message

  4. Deliver your SMS by clicking on “Send”


Dexatel offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing businesses to scale their text messaging as they grow. This also means that you only pay for the features you use. You can start with a 30-day free trial and test out the services before investing in the platform. Moreover, you can benefit from ongoing loyalty discounts for committed use.

Customer Support

Dexatel’s customer-centric approach guarantees a seamless customer experience, with dedicated support to assist you every step of the way. Make sure to reach out to [email protected] for any questions, feedback, or support needs you may have.