eDreams: Serving Users Through Dexatel


Established in 1999 and based in Barcelona, Spain, eDreams is among the top online travel brands in the world. The company uses state-of-the-art solutions to provide affordable and convenient travel in 44 countries including France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. 

eDreams also boasts the widest selection of flights from over 690 airlines and over 2.1 million hotels in addition to car rentals, travel insurance, as well as dynamic packages. Dexatel provides the travel company with solutions to complete the customer journey through booking confirmations. 

Fulfilling Dreams Through Booking Confirmations

eDreams sends people booking confirmations about their upcoming trips. The company seals the deal with a digital green light to those who provided info regarding their destination, dates, and more. Dexatel is the middleman between the two—we bridge that gap. 

Cultivating a Journey of Excellence

The delivery of booking confirmations is an integral part of the customer journey, and ultimately, the voyage itself. Besides serving as a pillar for reliability, these notifications produce a sense of satisfaction and anticipation for travelers. In other words, booking confirmations transform regular transactions into something people can look forward to. 

Dexatel and eDreams work together to enhance customer experience. They efficiently coordinate booking confirmations, making it a key aspect of their collaboration. Our expertise in forging these touchpoints empowers eDreams to deliver an elevated level of transactional assurance to its customers.