Getcontact: Promoting Security With Dexatel


Getcontact is a spam-blocking and caller identification mobile app based in Turkey. Boasting an international presence, the platform offers multiple extra features, including eSIMs, a messenger, broadcasting channels, verified business caller ID, as well as Getcontact Ads. 

With security at the core of its functions, the company embarked on a fruitful mission to collaborate with Dexatel, a leading provider of business text messaging solutions, for the purpose of user verification. Dexatel fortified Getcontact with a plethora of communication features that it can utilize to elevate its security measures.

Using One-Time Passwords to Enhance Security

If you’re looking for a mobile app that adds a layer of security to your phone by identifying callers and preventing some, you opt for Getcontact. You’ll notice that it offers all the features you need and more, and proceed to install the app. Then, once you begin the sign-up process, you’ll receive a one-time password on your phone. This is the manifestation of Dexatel’s role in Getcontact’s security efforts, effectively bolstering trust and giving you peace of mind that your account is in safe hands. 

Working Together to Safeguard Users

The collaboration of Dexatel and Getcontact, which manifests itself in the form of OTP verification codes, plays a multifaceted role in molding a secure and positive experience for users. These codes serve as a digital key that validates the authenticity of the user during account creation. 

By introducing OTPs into the equation, Getcontact forms a barrier against unauthorized access and other fraudulent activities that can compromise security. In addition to safeguarding user accounts, this kindles a sense of confidence in the reliability of the platform. 

Leveraging Dexatel’s expertise in business messaging to deliver OTP codes allows Getcontact to streamline the onboarding process and improve convenience. The immediacy of OTP verification proves to be valuable, as it not only grants instant access but also cultivates a seamless experience—courtesy of Dexatel.