Paysera provides payment and transfer services internationally. Their services are convenient, fast, available globally, and can be used anywhere, at any time, at a fair price.  

Since 2019, Dexatel has been providing Paysera with a fast and secure text messaging experience. Paysera enjoys having outreach to thousands of people and businesses worldwide. 

These are the top three of the many message types that Dexatel provides Paysera:

One-Time Password

Imagine Christopher has an account on Paysera and wants to transfer a certain amount to his mother. When he issues the transfer, the Paysera system sends Christopher an OTP to confirm the transaction for security purposes. 

Security Alerts

Security alerts help Paysera maintain safety measures in several special cases. For instance, when users make a transfer outside the country they registered their Paysera account in, they might be using a different IP. To eliminate cyber crimes and intrusions, Paysera sends security alerts to confirm users’ identities. 


Paysera also sends notifications regarding important activities and various Paysera-customer interactions. Imagine that Patricia is a Paysera user—when she receives her monthly financial statements via email, Paysera notifies her about the email by sending SMS notifications. These types of messages improve the customer experience. 

Enjoying progress in customer experience and satisfaction, Paysera carries out round-the-clock customer and technical support so that no message misses its destination.