Automated Text Message: How to Set Up

Jul 19, 2019
Automated Text Message

“I know you’re hungry! Show XXXXX promo code to any of Carl’s Jr. restaurants and get the $6.00 burger and fries offer for only $2.99.”

When Carl’s Jr. quick-service restaurants felt like they needed more promotional campaigns, they came up with this text message. This is what they sent out to thousands of hungry customers in just a split second.

This SMS marketing campaign alone in just one day increased their sales for that month over 10 times. This wouldn’t be possible without implementing automatic text messages. But let’s first define what they are.

Simply put, automated SMS messages are scheduled texts that platforms send to one or many recipients at the same time.

Auto text messaging allows marketers to schedule SMS advertisements ahead of time. This saves them a lot of time and helps them organize their work better. Besides that, it puts marketers a couple of steps further. They know what their plans are beforehand and in case of an accident they can react faster.

How to Send Automatic Text Messages?

You can send automated text messages through our portal by just registering and depositing money on your balance. When you first enter your account, the system provides you special blank windows for you to fill in the sender ID, destination phone numbers and the text for messages. However, if you want to send transaction messages automatically, you can do that by integrating our SMS API.

Here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Go to your account on
Step 2: Click on “Connections”
Step 3: Click on the “Add” button
Step 4: Name your connection
Step 5: Fill in your IP address
Step 6: Choose the currency
Step 7: Click “Save Connections” button

Once you’ve successfully added the API connection, the system will give you a username and password, which you’ll use in the HTTP template later.

Automatic Text Sender

Automatic SMS sending doesn’t only apply to computerized platforms that companies use to reach out to a bigger audience. You can also use your smartphone to send automated text messages.

There are apps that will help you plan messages beforehand and send them according to a schedule. Moreover, some phones—mostly Android phones—have an automatic text message sender app built in them.

Automatic texting services for smartphones typically don’t come free of charge. However, they are not too expensive either. Most of the automatic text apps cost from $2-$6 a month. Considering the importance of the job that they will do, it is a good deal to have one.

Automated text message senders can give you various options, depending on their price or type. Some apps will let you create a schedule and a list of recipients, and they will send the messages accordingly.

Some platforms are flexible enough to give you blacklisting, auto-replying or SMS sorting. Those features will be quite handy when being on a vacation or just being busy with something important.

Sometimes you can even set a short keyword in the app and it will transform it into a longer text. For example, you can type “busy” and there are automatic text apps that will transform it into “Sorry, I’m busy right now. I will get back to you later”.

Automatic SMS sending also includes messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and others. You can use virtually all of the above-mentioned features on those apps.

Send Automatic Text Messages on iPhone

iPhones don’t come with a built-in message automation app. There are a couple of useful applications for sending automated SMS messages on an iPhone. By and large, they all offer the features mentioned previously.

Two apps that stand out with their flexibility are Scheduled and SMS Scheduler. With Scheduled you can integrate your calendar on its platform and get the most out of it. The app will detect birthdays or other important dates mentioned on your calendar and suggest text templates to send according to what date it is. Scheduled has a feature to send birthday wishes automatically. All you’ll need to do is import the necessary information into the app and it will do the rest.

You can also integrate the platform of Scheduled on other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, Twitter and etc. What is more, the app can serve you as a reminder for other events like office meetings or school parent-teaching meeting. Whenever it detects such events, it will suggest you to send reminder messages.

Scheduled has four packages, Free, Premium, Business and Business Plus. With the Free package, you get

  • 3 Scheduled Reminders
  • Message Repetitions
  • Calendar Import with Birthday Notifications

The Premium package costs $3,49 and gives you

  • Unlimited Scheduled Reminders
  • 30 Auto Send Messages Per Month
  • Message Repetitions
  • Calendar Integration with Birthday Notifications

The business package is worth $9,99 and its options are

  • Unlimited Scheduled Reminders
  • 300 Auto Send Messages per month
  • API Access
  • Message Repetitions
  • Own Business Number
  • Calendar Integration with Birthday Notifications

Finally, the Business Plus package costs $49,99 with the options of

  • Unlimited Scheduled Reminders
  • 2000 Auto Send Messages per month
  • API Access
  • Message Repetitions
  • Own Business Number
  • Calendar Integration with Birthday Notifications

SMS Scheduler is also a great tool for setting text reminders. Not only can it remind you to send text messages, but also it can send those messages for you. You can set the app to continuously send messages on a certain day of the week or month.

The app has ready-to-go templates for different events. Based on your reminders, it can detect and suggest you what SMS to send. It allows you to send messages to as many recipients as you wish. Most of the features of SMS Scheduler are included in the free package.

Automatic Forward Text Messages iPhone

Just like you could send text messages automatically on your iPhone, you can forward them automatically too. iPhones used to have a feature on their settings that would let you choose contacts and automatically forward messages. However, the newer iOS versions don’t seem to include that option anymore.

Fortunately, you can download apps like Forward SMS or Group SMS to help you automate SMS forwarding.

Forward SMS is a simple and free app that will help you forward your text messages to a limited number of phones. It is mostly helpful when you need to forward your message from one phone to another.

On the other hand, Group SMS can help you forward messages to a lot more recipients. It can also group the recipients, which is helpful when you need to separate groups like family members, friends, colleagues and etc.

There is a completely free version of Group SMS called Group SMS Lite, which will give you the very basics of the app. But it is worth mentioning that the price for Group SMS isn’t all that expensive. It costs only $2.49 for a lifetime subscription.

Send Automatic Text Messages Android

As opposed to iOS phones, Android phones have a much wider choice of automated SMS apps. Although most of those Android apps offer the same options as iOS ones, Android users at least get a wider choice. Moreover, the two best apps for iOS SMS Scheduler and Scheduled are available on Google Play as well.

Nevertheless, there are apps that are exclusive to only Android devices. For example, Auto Reply provides a wide range of unique options like setting certain templates for certain contacts. This will be very useful when someone keeps disturbing you when you are busy. The app will send them automatic replies without bothering you to pick up the phone.

The same applies to calls. You can set certain numbers for the app to reject the calls and send automated text replies. Auto Reply supports two SIM cards and is free to download. However, you’ll need to pay just $2 to access the full package.

Another app that Android phones can use is Tasker. The app allows to schedule text messages and set a time to send them. This is a great alternative for Scheduled because it can also send birthday wishes if you set it to.

Tasker is three times cheaper now and you can purchase it for only $1.99 on Google Play. Tasker can do a lot more than just automated text messaging. For example, it can wake you up with random songs from your playlist each day, change your phone wallpaper and screensaver based on your set time and much more than that.

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