What IsMobile Terminated (MT)?

Mobile Terminated (MT) refers to a type of communication sent to a user's mobile device. In the context of text messages, MT SMS are messages routed from a client or an application and delivered to the end user's mobile phone. These messages have a specific journey that involves transmission through various networks and systems.

Mobile Terminated Call vs. Mobile Originated Call

To better understand the difference between mobile terminated calls and mobile originated calls, let’s dive into the following key points:

Mobile Terminated (MT) calls:

  • Incoming calls or messages received on a user's mobile device

  • Initiated by another party and transmitted through a mobile network operator's infrastructure

Mobile Originated (MO) calls:

  • Outgoing calls or messages sent from a user's mobile device

  • Once delivered to the recipient, they become MT messages or calls

  • Facilitated through the mobile network operator's infrastructure

Both MT and MO play crucial roles in the communication process, with MT focusing on the receiving end, while MO deals with the sending end.

Mobile Terminating Call Flow

The mobile terminating call flow involves multiple steps to ensure successful delivery:

  1. The calling party initiates a call to the recipient's mobile device.

  2. The call travels through the calling party's mobile network operator's infrastructure.

  3. The call is then handed over to the recipient's mobile network operator.

  4. The recipient's mobile network operator routes the call to the appropriate cell tower.

  5. The cell tower communicates with the recipient's mobile device to establish a connection.

  6. Finally, the call is successfully connected, and the recipient's mobile device starts ringing.

This process demonstrates the flow of mobile terminated calls and how they connect users through various networks and systems.