Dexatel's CEO Champions Diversity at Female Founders Summit 2023

Dexatel CEO Female Founders Summit 2023

Stockholm, Sweden, September 20, 2023 — In a recent and inspiring appearance, Dexatel's CEO and Co-Founder, Lilia Yeghiazaryan, took the stage as a prominent speaker at the Female Founders Summit. This noteworthy event brought together industry experts and visionaries from various companies, providing a platform for sharing insights and experiences.

The Female Founders Summit, organized by the Founders Alliance, stands as a testament to their dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity in leadership. Dexatel extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Founders Alliance, with a special appreciation for Niclas Carlsson and Patricia Olby Kimondo for their outstanding efforts in making this summit a reality.

Lilia Yeghiazaryan's participation in the summit echoes her commitment to fostering a more balanced and gender-inclusive leadership landscape. As she stated, "It's events like these that propel us towards a future where leadership knows no gender boundaries, where diversity thrives, and where inclusivity becomes the norm. This isn't just great for women; it's great for everyone, as it enriches our professional landscape and brings forth a wealth of perspectives and ideas."

The Female Founders Summit not only celebrates the achievements of female leaders but also contributes to a more inclusive and diverse future for leadership roles. Dexatel recognizes the value of such events in enriching the professional ecosystem, emphasizing that a more diverse leadership structure benefits us all.

About Founders Alliance

Founded in 2002 by Niclas Carlsson, The Founders Alliance is a collaborative business forum for founders of large enterprises and owners of global companies that engage in numerous social impact efforts around the world. Over the years, the company grew to become a leading collaboration forum for global founders in Sweden. The Founders Alliance currently consists of more than 300 founders with headquarters in various countries globally.