Dexatel Reveals Environmental, Social, and Governance Efforts and Progress in 2023

Dexatel ESG Report 2023

Dexatel Offices, January 2024 — Dexatel reaffirms its dedication to environmental sustainability with the display of its environmental, social, and governance efforts in 2023. Through a comprehensive strategy, the company continues to prioritize initiatives that foster a sustainable, inclusive, and responsible workplace.

Dexatel recognizes the importance of integrating these principles into operations, and this policy underscores the commitment to creating a positive impact on the community. 

“We have taken intentional steps, from embracing eco-friendly practices to supporting community initiatives and prioritizing employee well-being,” said Co-Founder and CEO Lilia Yeghiazaryan. “Our commitment to a socially inclusive, environmentally responsible, and ethically governed organization stands at the heart of our mission. While these milestones say a lot, they all started with a small step. And as small as they may seem, each step was and continues to be a deliberate move toward our goal.”

Environmental and Workplace Sustainability

Under the environmental component, Dexatel has implemented several key initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainability.

The company has launched a comprehensive recycling program within its offices, providing employees with the necessary resources to recycle plastic, glass, and paper materials. An informative session was held to educate employees on recycling and proper waste management.

Furthermore, Dexatel has streamlined its document signature process to minimize paper usage and expedite document handling. The company is actively promoting energy-saving practices among employees, encouraging the responsible use of resources such as electricity and promoting the use of reusable items to reduce single-use plastics.

Looking ahead, Dexatel is committed to furthering its environmental efforts with upcoming initiatives such as the Tree Plantation Project. In collaboration with the Treebox organization, Dexatel will organize a tree planting event in spring 2024, providing employees with healthy lunches during mental health days and contributing to tree planting efforts for each lunch box ordered. The organic ingredients used in the lunch boxes are sourced from 30 women farmers in the regions, benefiting 30 families. To date, we have the credit to plant 50 trees in several Armenian regions.

Social Responsibility

As a workplace that values diversity and promotes employee well-being, Dexatel prioritizes social responsibility. Throughout 2023, the company implemented policies to promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination, as well as employed diversity recruitment strategies to attract a diverse workforce. 

On top of that, the well-being and work-life balance of its employees is also a priority, thanks to the availability of flexible work arrangements to accommodate personal and family needs. Employees now have the opportunity to choose flexible work schedules, promoting a healthy work-life balance. Dexatel fosters a safe, healthy, fair, and productive workplace environment, supporting employee mental health through initiatives such as Healthy Nutrition Day and Employee Mental Health Day. The latter featured art therapy, nutrition guidance, massage sessions, and insightful talks by mental health specialists.

Dexatel also participated in charity initiatives such as donating foosball tables to public schools—set to benefit 100 students—and collecting New Year gifts for 30 children of displaced families. The company contributed to education by donating books to 100 children in border villages, which further underlined the importance of promoting literacy and educational opportunities for underprivileged communities.

Community engagement is also a crucial component of social responsibility. With the introduction of VTO in our system, employees are encouraged to volunteer and give back to the community. The company will be providing opportunities for team members to take one day off every six months to serve in social or environmental charity projects. 

Strong Governance Practices 

Dexatel has established a clearly defined organizational structure, emphasizing the delegation of authority and guiding employees through well-defined decision-making processes. The company regularly updates an organizational chart, providing clarity on reporting lines and roles.

The team also developed a hierarchy of decision-making authority within the company. This process was accompanied by ongoing training and awareness programs to help employees understand the organizational structure and company values to promote a healthy workplace culture.

Dexatel has created a comprehensive policy handbook outlining decision-making processes and protocols, regularly reviewing and updating policies to ensure alignment with the company's goals.

The company implemented a structured recruitment and onboarding process, including skills assessments, interviews, and reference checks to ensure the selection of the best-fit candidates. Ongoing performance evaluation and development plans are in place to match employees with roles that leverage their skills and potential. This is on par with leadership trainings, which establish effective delegation, feedback, development, engagement, and motivation within the team.

Moreover, Dexatel prioritizes regulatory compliance and risk management through initiatives such as a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This code serves as a guiding framework for employees, highlighting ethical behavior and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Dexatel stands unwavering in its pledge to environmental sustainability. Collaborating with employees, stakeholders, and community partners, the company strives to leave a lasting imprint on our planet for future generations. 

Resolute in its dedication to fostering a positive societal impact, Dexatel’s social initiatives underscore diversity, employee well-being, and community support. Reflecting on the company’s journey in 2023, the integral role of governance practices is acknowledged. Upholding principles of accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct, the company asserts that a robust governance foundation is pivotal for the sustained growth and the enduring trust of its stakeholders.