Dexatel Extends Its Services to Getcontact

Dexatel Getcontact Collaboration

Tallinn, Estonia, June 2023 — Dexatel acquires spam-blocking and caller ID platform Getcontact as an enterprise customer. The company will be able to use Dexatel’s business text messaging solutions to send one-time-password verification codes to its users. 

Based in Turkey, Getcontact has become a prominent figure in the landscape of digital security. Besides spam blocking and caller ID services, they also offer eSIMs and a messenger for chatting and broadcasting, among other features. The platform’s myriad of services have propelled its status as a household app, with over 150 million downloads as of 2021.

Getcontact’s expertise in security aligns perfectly with Dexatel’s own features, which revolve around data protection. OTP verification in particular. By using this feature, Getcontact will be able to boost its security measures and enhance the overall user experience. As a result of the partnership, Dexatel will play an integral role in protecting the customer journey.

This strategic agreement underscores Dexatel’s dedication to offering state-of-the-art communication services that prioritize security and reliability. Gaining Getcontact as a customer allowed Dexatel to expand its scope in the telecommunications market and boost its presence as an industry leader. 

About Getcontact

Getcontact is a spam-blocking and caller ID platform headquartered in Turkey. Available worldwide, the company’s mobile app offers a comprehensive suite of additional features and solutions. These include eSIMs, Getcontact Chats for messaging, and Channels for broadcasting. Getcontact also presents Getcontact for Business, providing verified business caller ID, spam check, user verification, and Getcontact Ads. The platform is compatible with both mobile phones and personal computers.