SendSMS Joins Forces with Dexatel for Messaging Solutions

Dexatel has Acquired SendSMS

Dexatel, the innovative cloud communication platform that has been featured on Financial Times’ as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, has acquired the smart SMS retail company SendSMS.Global, to offer its services to all scale enterprises and diversify its customer base worldwide.

The outcome of the acquisition is aimed at expanding the customer base for Dexatel. This acquisition will not only target the retail market but will also strengthen the Company’s position in various other markets. The Company claims that Dexatel will now be attainable to various businesses such as restaurants, e-commerce, startups, schools, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and many others.

According to Dexatel, the company prior to the acquisition was offering SMS and voice solutions to operators and big cloud communication companies. However, after Dexatel acquired SendSMS, all services will be accessible for all businesses through A2P messaging and API connections.

SendSMS is a bulk messaging service offering smart SMS marketing solutions such as sending customers reminders, contests, discounts, and other promotional messages. The company had already managed to build a strong customer base in East Europe, the Middle East, and CIS. With this acquisition, Dexatel is aiming at expanding its services worldwide.

Gegham Azatyan the founder of Dexatel states “Up to present day, only large scale businesses have been utilizing Dexatel’s services. However, with the acquisition of SendSMS, Dexatel is now offering its services to small and medium-sized enterprises. We are glad to announce that businesses of any scale can now use Dexatel’s platform to promote their businesses to potential and existing customers in the best way possible.”

Founded in 2015, Dexatel offers solutions that enable businesses to connect, engage, and interact with their customers. The company is created to simplify the communication process for its partners, by providing a range of services including international calls, carrier services, roaming services, and A2P messaging.