Dexatel in 2020

Dexatel in 2020

This year has brought many unexpected challenges for us all.

In the midst of the pandemic however, we overcame these challenges and obstacles, and actually had an amazing and successful year. Dexatel is now one of the leading omnichannel solutions providers in the Cloud Communications industry: the company provides a wide range of services, Carrier services, SMS hubbing, A2P messaging and Voice Termination.

Let’s recap on some of the major highlights of our achievements in 2020.

Dexatel Featured on Financial Times

Spring started off with a very good news, when we found out that our company was to be featured on Financial Times as one of the top growing companies in the EU among 1000 enterprises. FT, along with Statista, conducted a series of analyses, and published a list of European companies with the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue. It’s always gratifying to be recognized for your achievements and contributions to the industry. Cloud communications services is an ever growing, ever innovating sector; and we execute our part with flying colors. The stats published by FT are:

  • Absolute growth rate 601.2%
  • Compound annual growth rate 91.4%
  • Revenue of 2018 2.50m EUR
  • Revenue of 2015 0.36m EUR
  • Number of employees in 2018- 28

Dexatel Collaborates with Viber

One of the main milestones of summer was our collaboration with Viber. You can have access to its billions of users worldwide by simply filling out a form. Depending on your business and preference, you can send transactional and promotional messages to your end users anywhere in the world. Currently, besides SMS, our channels include Viber, RCS and Verified SMS, and in the near future we plan to add Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Instagram, providing you with the opportunity to have two-way messaging with your customers with their preferred channels.

Dexatel Acquires SendSMS

Dexatel was established in 2014 and we first started with international calls and roaming. Then added messaging services which took our business to new heights and success. Our client portfolio consists of over 800 clients and operators, including 300 major ones. Our list of celebrity partners includes names such as Google, Viber, Deutsche Telekom, China Telecom, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange Spain, Orange Poland, CenturyLink, Cellcom and SAP.

In July of 2020 we acquired SendSMS adding the retail market as well: a bulk messaging service with SMS marketing solutions and broadband features was a valuable addition to Dexatel, giving us the opportunity to cater to businesses of any size.

Dexatel Shortlisted on Global Carrier Awards 2020

In the beginning of September, Capacity Media announced the shortlists for the Global Carrier Awards 2020 where Dexatel was nominated for the Best Pan-European Wholesale category. We were first-time nominees in this prestigious award, and the interesting part of it was that we didn’t even nominate ourselves for the category. The industry simply noticed our achievements and contributions. We didn’t win the nomination, actually, but it was amazing to be recognized by our peers and for the solutions that Dexatel contributes to the Cloud communications industry.

Dexatel Wins Stevie Awards 2020

The autumn has started with a celebrity mode for us. It was an honor to win the prestigious Gold Stevie Awards 2020 in the Fastest Growing Company of the Year-Europe category in the IBA. The world’s premier awards has been recognizing contributions of companies worldwide since 2002 and we are happy to have been a part of it.

Dexatel Releases First Version of WordPress Plugin

You want to connect, communicate, expand with text messaging through WooCommerce? Do it with Dexatel. We give our customers a full range of possibilities to choose from with Dexatel’s Wordpress plugin. Ecommerce has skyrocketed in recent months and SMS has become the most popular and fastest means of communications. So with our recently released version you can combine the two for your business with a simple click.

Whatever your preference may be, Dexatel is here to help you connect to the world.

Dexatel Releases First Version of A2P Platform

The Dexatel Platform is quite flexible: you can store as many contacts as you wish, send messages with your preferred templates, upload and send files via Viber or RCS, send bulk SMS, campaigns or just one message, track your campaigns with advanced analytics, and upload your balance with more than one payment option. With our platform you can have your message delivered to your customers within 30 seconds.

The Dexatel custom-made Platform provides flawless communications that is enriched with user-friendly features, including a text message scheduler and multiple texting services.

One more year is nearing its end, and with its ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, a new chapter is soon to start for all of us.

May 2021 bring new horizons, new possibilities, new solutions and innovations!