Dexatel and Paysera Set New Standards in Financial Security

Dexatel Paysera Partnership

Tallinn, Estonia, March 2019 — Dexatel is establishing a momentous partnership with Paysera, a visionary enterprise that shares our commitment to efficiency, speed, and equity in the realm of financial services. This collaboration is aimed at delivering an enhanced text messaging experience to Paysera's global customer base.

Security is paramount in today's global financial landscape, and Paysera understands this better than most. Transactions often span international boundaries, traversing different IP addresses. 

In collaboration with Dexatel, Paysera will introduce advanced security measures. Security alerts, in the form of digital markers of authentication, will become the standard, assuring the legitimacy of every financial endeavor. This synchronized approach will transform the way financial transactions are conducted, infusing trust and security into every step.

As we move forward together, Dexatel and Paysera are committed to reshaping the future of secure financial transactions and interactions. The companies aim to create a landscape where financial activities are not only efficient but also imbued with the highest level of security and trust.

About Paysera

Paysera is a forward-thinking enterprise that offers a wide range of financial services, bridging the gap between individuals and businesses across the globe. With a strong commitment to security and customer satisfaction, Paysera is dedicated to providing seamless financial integration for all.