Dexatel Welcomes Pinngle as a Partner and Customer

Dexatel Pinngle Customer Partnership

Tallinn, Estonia, December 2019 — Dexatel entered a collaborative partnership with Pinngle, operating together to promote security in the digital landscape. This collaboration enables Pinngle to send one-time password messages whenever a user creates an account. As a provider of messaging solutions, Dexatel enables the delivery of the OPT SMS. 

The nature of this cooperation also means that Pinngle is a customer of Dexatel. This unique synergy allows Pinngle users to enjoy a secure journey with the app, safeguarded with layers of reliable authentication. The strategic alliance benefits both parties involved. Pinngle builds trust among its user base, whereas Dexatel boosts its presence in the realm of digital security. 

Dexatel’s role in the partnership extends beyond SMS verification. The company offers dedicated customer support in a 24/7 framework, allowing Pinngle users to benefit from a seamless experience with every interaction. 

Pinngle’s aim to make communication accessible to everyone aligns perfectly with Dexatel’s own commitment to providing convenient messaging and voice services, adding a layer of like-mindedness to the collaboration. 

About Pinngle

Pinngle is a free messaging app that connects people from across the globe. The company consists of a multinational, customer-centric team that aims to offer the highest standard of quality, privacy, and reliability to its users. It offers video chat, voice calls, and instant messaging. With a commitment to security, Pinngle doesn’t sell or store the information of its users. The platform features data encryption and serverless infrastructure to safeguard user data from third parties and unauthorized access. Pinngle regards communication as a basic necessity rather than a product and is against hidden fees or monetization plans.