Dexatel Welcomes Yassir as a Customer

Dexatel Yassir Customer

Tallinn, Estonia, November 2021 — Ride-hailing service provider Yassir chooses Dexatel for business messaging solutions, entering a customer relationship that transforms its communication efforts. This strategic agreement is geared toward enhancing the text messaging experience for Yassir’s broad customer base. 

Since its launch in 2017, Yassir has taken ride-hailing to another level by offering additional services, namely Yassir Express and Yassir Business. While Yassir Express offers food delivery services, Yassir Business provides business ride solutions for companies. With its ecosystem of state-of-the-art solutions, Yassir has cemented its status in the ride-hailing industry. 

Dexatel is dedicated to empowering Yassir with a complete package of global messaging solutions. Yassir will be able to use these solutions to send one-time passwords to both its customers and drivers. With security being an integral part of Yassir’s communications, Dexatel plays a key role in safeguarding the customer journey to guarantee a positive experience.  

This partnership highlights Dexatel’s commitment to providing top-notch messaging solutions designed with security, efficiency, and a seamless customer experience in mind. 

About Yassir

Established in 2017, Yassir is a ride-hailing platform that operates in various countries, including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and France. Yassir Go, the company’s main service, provides ride-hailing solutions to individuals, connecting VTC drivers with customers. The solutions include immediate rides, multi-stop rides, airport packages, and advanced reservations. The platform also offers Yassir Express for food-delivery solutions and Yassir Business for company rides. Yassir has had more than two million customers in Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco since its inception in 2017.