Dexatel Enhances Platform with Real-Time HLR Lookup Service

HLR Lookup

Tallinn, Estonia, July 2024 — Dexatel has announced its latest innovation, the HLR Lookup service, now integrated into its communications platform. This service allows users to conduct real-time queries of phone number information directly from their Dexatel account dashboard.

The HLR is a key database in mobile networks that holds vital details about each user's mobile phone. Dexatel's new service uses this data to quickly and dependably fetch phone number data right from the user's account dashboard.

"Our new HLR Lookup Service is transformative for businesses looking to optimize their communication strategies," said Lilia Yeghiazaryan, CEO of Dexatel. "The ability to accurately validate and identify phone numbers globally enhances both cost-efficiency and campaign effectiveness. With its ease of integration into existing systems, the tool helps businesses make informed decisions and improve their overall messaging strategy."

For small and medium-sized businesses, the HLR Lookup service offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for non-technical users. The dashboard provides real-time data, ensuring businesses have up-to-date number portability and validity information. Users can now generate detailed reports on HLR lookup results so they can make informed decisions and optimize their messaging strategies.

Enterprises will benefit from the service’s API, which allows for easy integration with existing systems. Designed to handle high volumes of requests, the API ensures scalability, which is best suited for large enterprises.

Key features of Dexatel's HLR Lookup service include instant access to up-to-date phone number information and intuitive dashboard integration for seamless navigation. The service supports both individual number lookups and bulk queries via file uploads.

With the addition of this update, Dexatel continues to offer strong telecom solutions that simplify operations and improve user experience. Whether for checking occasional numbers or managing large amounts of data, our HLR Lookup service provides easy, reliable access.