SMS API to Automate Your Business Communications

Send as many texts as you want with our reliable SMS API. Simply integrate your platform with Dexatel and send text messages automatically. See the step-by-step description below.

Send Free SMS to Your Number to Test How It Works

You can send single or multiple messages by one request to our API. In the body of request you put recipient phone numbers, message text and additional data and our service takes care of the rest of the magic.


SMS API Gateway

Our SMS gateway API allows sending text messages across all of the technological networks and platforms that your business uses. In short, it merges different systems into one practical control center.

An SMS gateway API enables you to send text messages directly from your computer. It only requires your developers to incorporate the gateway features into your own website, app, software, or CRM system, after which you can have efficient communication with your customers without any issues.

Basically, what you can expect from a trustworthy API provider is complete API access, full of statistical and analytical data, code libraries, and more. An SMS gateway enables communication almost everywhere in the world. So users, who have access to roaming services, can use it as an international gateway.

Yet, the greatest advantage of SMS gateway is that you can connect to it via almost any protocol, for instance, HTTP, XML, SOAP, SMTP. SMS APIs and SMS Gateways offer seamless integration with any platform and make it really easy and quick for businesses to send text messages to a large number of people across the world.

But First, Let Us Define what an SMS API is

SMS API is a software integration interface that makes it possible to send short messages via an SMS API platform. It provides an interconnection between one platform to another. SMS APIs typically support HTTP.


Send and receive SMS in different formats.


Check the recipient's response without password authentication.


Make the SMS messages personalized.


Track the status of all your messages.

Dexatel is a reliable and adaptable SMS API service provider that offers effortless integration. We make it possible for our partners to automate the process of sending promotional or transactional messages from their platforms.

Other Functions

You can check your balance after sending message

You can check your payment history

You can refill your balance if you have subscription payment method

How To Create An SMS API Connection With Dexatel

Log in to your account on Dexatel’ platform
Go to “APIs” section and press “Add new key”
Enter a name for your connection
Click on “Create Token”
Go to our API documentation
Send test messages to see how simple it is
Send SMS automatically according to our rules

Dexatel aims to build a better future where technology creates good connections and communication for everyone and everywhere.