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What Is API and Why Do We Need It?

Today, we are more connected with each other than we’ve ever been before. Connectivity is an integral part of our lives now, and our lives won’t be the same without it. It puts everything on our fingerprints from all across the globe. We can buy, share, choose, shop, and whatnot.

The best part is, everything is possible anywhere, without any constraints.

But how does it all work? How does the data travel in milliseconds over miles? The least appreciated hero of this connected world is the Application Programming Interface or what is known to be API. It’s similar to the director of the movie. He stays behind the scenes but is the backbone of everything that people see and appreciate. API manages all the interactivity that’s mostly taken for granted.

What Is an SMS API, and How Does It Help?

In computer programming, it’s a set of functions and procedures that creates applications that access the features or data of an operating system, software, etc.

To put it simply, API is the messenger. It takes your request and comes back with the expected response. That’s exactly what an SMS API does.

Let’s have a look at an example so that we have a better idea of what it is.

Imagine someone buys a product from your online store. They put in all their details and finish the purchase. When they click on the button, the purchase script instantly receives the request and sends it to your API with all the details that the customers initially entered (along with the cellphone numbers). The API immediately sends a message to the customers’ phones. This usually takes only a few seconds to happen.

Different types of SMS API Services

There are many different types of SMS API Services, depending on your needs. Whether you have an online store or you run a blog, your business needs SMS API services for two reasons.


API makes it much more reliable. Second, if a person receives personalized messages on his phone regarding their account information or the new promos and offers, they are more likely to choose your brand over other brands when they are shopping online. The reason is simple; everyone likes to feel special. Thus, when you make them feel special by keeping in touch with them, they will prefer your services over others.

Next Up

let’s have a look at Bulk SMS API Services, SMS Gateway API, SMS Verification API, and why we need each one of them.

Bulk SMS API service is vital for business owners who want to attract their customers with their promotions/offers. They can also be used for alerts and notifications, which target all the customers at once.

Bulk SMS API allows the application developer to integrate it on their application and send text messages to all the numbers at one shot, without login to their SMS panel. It’s more useful if you’re targeting a large audience without being specific.

On the other hand, SMS Gateway API is ground-breaking. It enables businesses to associate with the system and send one message at a time. Even though this sounds somewhat antiquated today, it has some impressive focal points, and it has some advantages over bulk SMS. It helps your customers feel closely related to your business. Each message can be customized for a given customer. The most vivid examples are banks that utilize this for bank balance alerts.

One of the most dominant ways we’ve seen it working is for affirming data to clients naturally. For instance, when the package will be conveyed or what the status of a request is, or an adjustment in flight times, the rundown is perpetual. It does not apply to email, though. Individuals consistently have their phones with them, but you can’t be sure they have cellular connectivity.

Regarding the SMS Verification API, it provides a fully automated user experience and should be used when possible. It requires you to put a hash code that uniquely identifies your app or an alphanumeric code containing at least one number.

SMS API can help you in a variety of ways. It dramatically impacts the workload and gives users a better experience. One thing you need to be sure of is that you choose a decent SMS API provider.


Dexatel, for instance, offers exceptional SMS API services for an affordable price. Their API platform is intuitive and easy to integrate with lots of different software.

Some of the uses of SMS API are:

Order tracking information
sends a personalized message to each user regarding their order, delivery time and date, etc. which builds trust.
they are handy for attracting customers to buy from you.
Alerts and notifications
Works in the same way as reminders.
Promotions and offers
This attracts your customers to your business, and they mostly revisit you when they hear about the promotions and offers through SMS.


Network outreach


Stable and secure service


Professional support




Customer service


True and targeted SMS features

Dexatel offers you all of these features. If you have any additional question, the customer support team will be happy to answer your inquiries.