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SMS Blast Statistics to Consider

5 Billion

people use SMS to send and receive messages


of North America’s population use SMS messages

5.9 Billion

people are expected to send and receive SMS by 2025

What Is Text Blast

Message blast is the process of sending an SMS to thousands with one click.

Trending Use Cases of SMS Blast

Experienced marketers require a good SMS platform. They’re easy to organize and fast enough to reach a large number of people with one click.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

How to Send a Text Blast With Dexatel

Sign up on our platform

Create a new SMS campaign

Write the message you want to send

Upload your contacts list with Excel or input it manually

Click on “Send” or schedule for later

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

SMS Blast is the most low-cost channel with high conversion rates. A text can cost around $0.01–$0.1 based on your location.

Our Features

The software of your choice greatly affects the success of your campaign. Aside from the standard features, here’s what Dexatel offers


Message Personalization

Each recipient gets an individual approach. You get to personalize your message, from customer names and location to last product purchase.


Ready-Made Templates

We provide templates based on text messaging best practices . Use templates for emergency alerts, product launches, appointment reminders, and more.


Self-Cleaning Opt Out Lists

Our system automatically removes numbers that opted out of your campaigns. This means that you don’t have to do any of this manually.

Email vs. Text Blast

It’s easier for emails to get lost in a spam folder. But with the popularity of texting, SMS cannot get lost or ignored.


open rates compared to email’s 20%.

90 Seconds

to respond to a text compared to email’s 90 minutes.


SMS spam rate compared to email’s 53%.

Industries That Need SMS Blast the Most

A growing number of industries integrate text blast marketing into their overall strategy.



Educational institutions use messaging blast to send admission confirmations, emergency alerts, and event notifications.


Food and Beverage

This industry uses SMS blast marketing to send location-based deals, special offers, menu changes, and more.


Real Estate

Share new property listings with clients, send open house reminders, and deliver updates regarding residences.



Healthcare institutions use texting blast to send vaccine updates, healthcare tips, and overall advice.

Test Our Messaging Blast Solution for Free

Send your first SMS blast for free to see how simple message distribution can be. Test our service with up to 30 free SMS messages. Make your job easier with the Dexatel platform