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Text Blast

Text or SMS blast is a term used to describe text messages that one enterprise sends more than one recipients at once. An automated messaging system uses multiple phone numbers to distribute a single message.

Businesses use this technique to communicate with a broad audience. It has proven to be effective both by means of time and money. Text blast is better than voice blast, and it’s used alternatively. You can deliver your message to thousands of subscribers at once by using text blasts.

How does text blast help in marketing?

The open rate of text messages is relatively high since people are more likely to read a personalized message they receive on their phones. It’s a very effective marketing technique since most of us are always on our phones, and we make sure to read every message as soon as we receive it.

Believe it or not, but 98% of the text messages that companies send are opened. Now, if we compare it to email, only 20-30% are opened and read.

Whether we like to accept it or not, we are always on our phones, and here’s another surprising fact: people read about 95% of text messages within 3 minutes after receiving it.

Now, I am sure you must be aware of how important text blast is for your business, unlike emails or other forms of communication that have more mediocre results.

How Does It Help in Communication?

SMS or text blast is the best way to communicate with your clients. It’s ideal for growing your business. People are very likely to respond to text messages, so your engagements automatically increase when you use a text blast service.

Besides, text blast gives you room for adding a personalized touch to each of your promotional messages. Obviously, everyone likes to feel special. Therefore, once you make your customers feel that, they are more likely to buy from you when they feel the need to buy something. Text blast service is an effective marketing strategy, and it won’t make you wait long to see the growth in your revenue.

Is It Annoying For The Clients?

It is a service that your clients have chosen to avail of. It’s completely consensual and never forced on the client. In turn, the client gives value to the messages they receive and never get annoyed like they would if they received unwanted blast text messages.

One of the best practices of SMS blast is asking permission. In fact, some countries even prohibit sending unsolicited promotional text messages. For your business, avoid sending cold texts since phone numbers can be easily accessible from your database.

How Does Text Blast Work?

Text blast software is considerably easy to use. Once you sign up for the service, it’s usually very affordable too. All you need to do to gt started is simply download the software, sign-up, and you’re good to go. You can easily send text blasts from your computer.

Some key benefits of SMS blast are the following:


Reaching a mass audience in a matter of seconds
It's essential to communicate with your clients. Instead of sending each client a message and doing it manually from a phone would be extremely cumbersome. By availing these services, you can easily engage with all your clients simultaneously and without putting in any effort. Type a message and you're done.


Beneficial for the retail industry
The retail industry can benefit from text blast services the most. Supermarkets, stores, online merchants, and other retailers need their clients to know about their services and offers. The best way to attract clients to your business is by using text blast service, which sends one message to multiple numbers.


Building brand loyalty
Text blast turns out to be very effective in building stronger brand loyalty. Your business will generate a very high revenue if your customers start relying on it, and this is only possible when they regularly receive text messages and are always updated about your business.


Sending various reminders
SMS Blast can be used for appointment reminders, alerts, voting/polls, Coupons/promos, feedbacks, etc. All these things collectively improve your business in several ways. They make sure you and your clients are on the same page.


Not wasting your marketing budget
Text blast is very affordable as compared to other marketing channels. Surprisingly, it's not just affordable, but it's very effective too. Affordability and high ROI is what businesses need the most, regardless of the stage of their development.


Increasing brand awareness
Text blast is very useful in raising brand awareness. Even if the clients don't respond to your promotional text messages, they still leave a mark on their mobile devices. Therefore, the next time they see your name somewhere, they are more likely to trust it.

There are a variety of ways in which you can communicate with your client effectively. However, statistics show that text messages are unavoidable in today’s world.

People use their phones 24/7, and there’s a very high probability that they will read your message as soon as they receive it. So, the best way to utilize this is by using SMS blast services and make your clients loyal to your business.

Additionally, you can attract new customers to your business, create brand awareness among people, keep them updated about all the offers and services. All of these are irreplaceable for your business growth.