SMS Hubbing

The international interoperability of SMS has for a long time been limited because of how mobile operators worldwide were connected to each other. International SMS transmissions could only happen from one mobile operator to another with a bi-lateral roaming agreement. This severely limited the international reach of SMS as it is both time-consuming and financially draining to set up more and more agreement between mobile operators.

SMS hubbing provides a solution to this problem by implementing a new structure that smooths out the international flow of SMS. Basically what SMS hubbing does is facilitate the international coverage of SMS by helping mobile operators connect to independent hubs. Contrary to mobile operators, SMS hub providers have multiple agreements with other mobile operators, therefore that can route messages without any issues.

What Is SMS Hub?

SMS hub is a transit center from which SMS traffic is routed to a final destination, so just like the name suggests, it serves as a hub which receives and transmits SMS messages from multiple operators. In that regard, it is completely similar to hubbing in telecom. By implementing SMS hubs, telecom operators can intermediate the SMS traffic and extend its coverage by a significant margin.

SMS Gateway Hub

SMS gateway hub is a website which allows its users to send text messages from their web browser directly to mobile devices connected to that specific gateway. It allows telecom providers the opportunity to reach thousands of people in a fast and cost-effective way.

SMS gateway hubs are used by providers to connect to SMS centers which manage the storing, routing and forwarding of SMS messages. Moreover, these SMS hub gateways provide reliable services both nationally and internationally, meaning you can reach customers with an SMS message from anywhere in the world at any time you would like.

SMS Hub Software

SMS hubs are standalone systems that allow you to both send and receive a huge number of SMS messages without an Internet and computer connection.

There are a lot of SMS hub applications that are specifically designed to carry over those tasks. You can find SMS hub apps both for mobile devices and PC platforms. SMS hub apps offer features like direct SMS termination, SMS coverage through a range of API interfaces (HTTP, XML, Android, Apple etc.) and a direct connection to most global carriers.

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