Today mobile devices and especially smartphones are an absolute necessity for most people. This is why marketers are now trying to get their target audience in their smartphones and promote their products there. Mobile marketing is a must for every business that wants to develop and be competitive in the market. Sending promotional text messages is one of the most effective branches of mobile marketing, which keeps getting more and more popular. All that marketers need for having proper SMS marketing is just a reliable provider.

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS service allows marketers to send promotional messages to a larger audience for a good deal and in the shortest timeframes. If your promotional message is short and catchy, your customers will definitely read it and it help to develop your business. This is why bulk SMS service is a great marketing tool for any company.

Bulk SMS also helps to make company-customer relationships much more intimate and friendlier. Customers appreciate SMS communication a lot, mostly because it is permission-based and they receive important information regarding sales or personal offers.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS is cost-effective, fast and reliable. It can reach any audience anywhere in the globe. Being one of the most effective marketing tools, bulk SMS marketing has been around for a long time. Before starting to use bulk SMS services, it is important to know how it can contribute on your business. Below we’ve listed some of the more notable features of bulk SMS services for businesses.

  • Speed

Bulk SMS can be sent instantly whether it is for promotional or transactional SMS campaigns. Moreover, people read text messages almost as quickly as those messages reach their phones. They have that element of rapidity. So, you can choose bulk SMS services if you want your promotional messages to reach to a maximum amount of people in a blink of an eye and with the highest open rates.

  • Delivery Rates

Unlike other marketing channels, bulk SMS service assures that your message will reach to a maximum number of your clients. Moreover, some will give you a report on whether the message was read or not. Besides, SMS marketing is based on opt-in, which means that your customers are open to receiving your messages. This means that they are less likely to spam your messages.

  • Customer Experience

Using SMS notifications and special offers will make your customers appreciate how you value them and their time. For example, eCommerce websites keep their customers updated on their delivery. Similarly, banks constantly send messages to their customers reporting about their balance changes, deposits or withdrawals. Having a developed bulk SMS service can help you cut down on customer care service related costs.

  • High Return for Low Investment

The rate cards of outdoor advertising, TV advertising or most of the other advertising forms can be too expensive for small businesses. Moreover, most of the time not all of your audience understands your message. Whereas SMS marketing reaches customers individually, by which giving you an effective channel of communication with high ROI and low costs. Indeed, you can start a bulk SMS campaign in no time and actually reach to a much larger audience.

  • No Spam

There are no spam boxes for bulk SMS campaigns. You can always reach out to phone numbers that are not on your database. Just make sure not to bore your recipients with unimportant messages.

Who Should You Turn to for Bulk SMS Services?

You can always turn to Dexatel to help you reach out to thousands of your customers through SMS. With Dexatel you can be sure that you are in safe hands. You can check the free trial version of Dexatel SMS services to see how they work in reality. Take your first step and start increasing your profit with wholesale SMS marketing.