Text alerts are handy tools for any kind of organization that pursues enhanced communications with their clients. Any industry can benefit from this medium and use it for different purposes. Some of the most popular ways that you can utilize text alerts for your company are the following.

Automate Reminders for Your Customer

Your customers can be busy with a more important business they have to do and forget about events that can potentially bring you profit. Text alerts can help you automate reminders for your customers to make sure both of you are on the same page.

By adopting and integrating a text alert system with your existing marketing channels, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your communication efforts. Customers often do not proceed with the checkout or show up for an event because they forget about what they wanted in the first place. Text alerts can help you remind them at the right time.

Higher Response and Open Rates

Adopting a text alert system can improve the efficiency of your business and have a positive impact on its profit. Indeed, advanced interaction with your clients is what can create a productive relationships between you and your clients.

You can use text alerts for a variety of purposes to remind your customers, team members, and employees about various events and things to do. Text alerts can be automated to send specific reminders to a pre-defined target audience at a particular time, thus reducing the need for your business to remind people manually.

You can use text messages for automating several things such as appointments, reminders, or appointment confirmations and reduce the number of missed opportunities and appointments.

Enhanced Two-Way Communication

Text alerts are especially useful to keep in touch with modern consumers as, according to a Salesforce survey, almost 43% of millennials say that they want to receive SMS alerts and reminders from brands and businesses. A text message system can also be used for two-way communications. Several studies have shown that customers are more likely to respond to a reminder or alert sent via text messages than email. This is logical, considering how comfortable and easy text messages are to use.

Low Cost and Easy to Use Medium

You can send text alerts and reminders to hundreds of people at once. Moreover, it will only cost you a few dollars, as bulk SMS is one of the most affordable communication channels. Due to the lower costs associated with text alerts, they are more suitable to be used for sending reminders to a large audience multiple times.

Potential Uses

Besides the above mentioned cases, you can also use text alerts for several other purposes. Here are some common ways to get the most out of text alerts:


  • Booking confirmations
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Stock alerts
  • Transaction alerts
  • Event reminders
  • Discount sale reminders
  • Promotional reminders
  • Delivery alerts
  • Work schedule alerts
  • Balance alerts
  • Banking transaction alerts
  • News alerts
  • New stock arrival alerts
  • Out of stock alerts