Everything You Need to Know About Secure SMS

Anahid Akkam
Anahid AkkamContent Manager

Published: Feb 13, 2023

Secure SMS

Businesses sending text messages to customers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of security when exchanging sensitive information. With the increasing number of scams, it’s essential that all customer data shared via text messages is sent securely. In a nutshell, you need to send secure SMS messages. 

For one, sending decrypted messages ensures that the data cannot be accessed by outside parties. This serves to protect the customer’s personal and financial information from potential misuse or theft during business text messaging.

Businesses should also take steps to safeguard customer data by using two-factor authentication. This approach requires customers to provide another form of identification, such as an SMS authentication service, in addition to the traditional method.

What Does Secure SMS Mean?

Secure SMS is a type of messaging service that provides users with an extra layer of security when sending messages online. This is achieved through end-to-end encryption, meaning the data sent is unreadable other than the intended phone number. Unlike other messaging services, secure text keeps messages private.

While SMS encryption ensures the security of sensitive data, it also protects it from potential eavesdroppers, hackers, and other malicious actors. Not to mention, secure texting doesn’t only refer to financial transactional messaging. It is just as important when it comes to SMS marketing, and reminders and alerts.

Is SMS Secure?

SMS is secure because the technology is designed to prevent messages from being intercepted by unauthorized users. However, in practice, SMS can be vulnerable to a variety of security issues.

Security Issues That SMS May Face

  1. SMS messages can be intercepted with sophisticated monitoring technology

  2. The short messages can be copied and leaked by malicious third-party applications and services

Even though SMS is not the most secure method available, it can still be used to send and receive confidential information. You can do this securely as long as users take proper precautions. 

You should also only communicate with trusted parties or limit communication to less sensitive topics. If your business has partnered with a SMS provider, you can implement other security methods. 

Why Is Secure Text Messaging Important?

It’s Encrypted

Secure texting ensures that any communications sent via text are encrypted and therefore not available to prying eyes. This helps to protect personal information, as well as corporate data, from being accessed by unauthorized parties. For example, Facebook Messenger and Google Messages feature end-to-end encryption.

It’s Private

Thanks to text message privacy, businesses can make sure that contacts and conversations are secure. As a result, you'll safeguard against data breaches or other malicious activities. This is especially important if your business is known to send mass text messages.

It’s Safe

With a secure text message service, you promote a safer online experience, especially when coupled with other security technologies. It can help protect against uninvited and unwanted contacts, phishing attempts, and harmful viruses. 

Secure Text Messaging with Viber

Viber Business Messages takes a two-step approach to secure communications. First, it uses an encryption algorithm called TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is world-renowned for providing strong encryption. This being the foundation of Viber, it is a very reliable security layer by itself.

The second step is to use a unique key that is generated only once and is not stored anywhere. This key is used to encrypt the messages whenever they are sent and decrypt them when they are received. This ensures that only the intended mobile phone is able to view and decode the message.

Viber also offers the added benefit of end-to-end message deletion. This means that messages can be automatically deleted from both the sender's and recipient’s devices after a certain amount of time. This can be done automatically or manually, giving you more control over the privacy of your messages.

Encrypted Messaging with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is an encrypted messaging app for businesses that want to take advantage of secure texting.

The security of WhatsApp is due to its end-to-end encryption protocol. This means only the sender and recipient are able to view a message’s content. All messages sent through the app are encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the recipient.

Furthermore, users can verify the identity of other users and confirm their identity before exchanging any messages or data. This ensures that only verified contacts can communicate securely with each other.

WhatsApp can also be customized to fit a company’s specific needs. This allows them to quickly reach their customers and tailor their messages to specific needs. 

In addition, the text messaging app allows for integration with other apps, providing a more comprehensive solution. As with a secure SMS API, you can integrate the WhatsApp Business API to manage customer support and boost conversions.

Best Practices for Secure Text Messaging

1. Use Encrypted Messaging Services

To ensure that messages remain secure, organizations should send encrypted messages that scramble data prior to transmission. Secure messaging platforms provide additional security features such as access control and administrative controls to limit who can access them. 

2. Limit the Type of Information Sent Through SMS

Businesses should avoid sending sensitive data, such as passwords and financial information, via SMS unless the communication is encrypted. 

3. Generate Unique Passcodes for Each User

Businesses should implement unique passcodes for each user account to provide an additional layer of protection for messages. If passcodes are shared, you should change them regularly and remind users not to share them with others. 

4. Monitor Access to Messages

On top of that, companies should monitor access to messages and logs to ensure that only authorized users are accessing them. Any attempts to access messages without consent should be flagged as suspicious activity.

5. Educate Users on Security Risks

All users should be educated on the security risks of SMS messaging and the importance of keeping information secure. Companies should enforce policies to limit access to messages and remind users to regularly change their passwords. 

Secure Texting with Dexatel

Dexatel provides a secure, reliable, and innovative solution for you to stay connected with your customers through SMS, Viber, and WhatsApp.

We utilize advanced encryption technologies to ensure that all messages sent and received are private. This helps protect the privacy of customers and businesses and ensures that their information is not exposed to external parties. Through our platform, you can create custom messages and track them to ensure delivery.

Besides, we offer a variety of SMS analytical tools that allow you to track the performance of your messages and gain insights.