16 Simple Texting Tricks to Use Today

Aug 29, 2019
Texting Tricks

Text messaging has become an integral part of people’s lives. Almost everyone uses it multiple times a day for communication purposes. However, what most people are not aware of is that there are texting tricks out there that can significantly enhance your texting experience.

Since nowadays entire conversations can be held through text messaging, we think that these cool text tricks will come in handy and that you will find use for them in the future. We are going to cover iPhone texting tricks, in particular because the iOS device is full of them.

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Sending Handwritten Messages

A feature that has gone widely unnoticed by iPhone users is the ability to send handwritten text messages. This feature allows you to add a more personal touch to your text messages. The good thing about it is that it is not particularly hard to access and use—all you need to do is simply tilting your iOS device horizontally and tapping the handwriting icon at the bottom right corner of your keyboard.

Replying Directly from Notifications

iPhone models newer than the 6S come with the 3D touch feature that brings up more options when you press the screen in different amounts of finger pressure. As far as text messaging is concerned, this lets you reply to text messages without opening the Messages app. It takes just a single hard press on the message notification from either the lock screen or notifications center to access this option. Ideal for situations when you are in a hurry and need to reply as quickly to a message as possible.

Shaking to Undo Typing Errors

Sometimes you write a long message only to have it deleted by mistake. Instead of rewriting the same message, you can simply shake your iPhone which will bring up a prompt giving you the option to undo your last action.

Accessing Symbols and Accents

Sometimes going through the extra inconvenience of switching back and forth between numeric and alphabetic keyboards can be too much. This is why iPhone keyboards come equipped with a hard press feature that allows you to quickly access symbols and accents by holding the letters.

Adding and Using Custom Shortcuts

There are times when you are too busy to type in a full text message. Maybe you are on the go or in a business meeting, and you just cannot afford spending any time on writing a full message. Fortunately, iOS devices allow you to add your own custom shortcuts to create phrases that you might use frequently during text message conversations. To enable this feature, go to “Keyboard Settings” then open “Shortcuts” and select the “Add a Shortcut” option. From there, it is pretty much self-explanatory what you have to do.

Setting Custom Text Tones and Vibrations

Would not it be cool if anytime you received a text message, you just knew who it came from without having to look? Well, that is totally possible. Simply open your contacts lists and edit their text tones and vibrations to your choice. You can even create custom vibrations of your own.

Making iPhone Read the Text Messages

Another cool feature that comes with iOS devices is having the ability to have your phone read out the text messages you receive. Ideal for situations like when you are driving a car and cannot look at your phone to read a message.

To enable this option, go to Settings > Accessibility > Speech and tap the Speak Selection option.

Afterwards, any time you receive a message just hold it and tap the Speak option.

iMessage Tricks

When Apple rolled out iMessage, it was expected that it would add some new cool features to their default text messaging app. The following is a list of new iMessage text tricks that you can use when it is enabled on your iPhone. To use these texting tricks, make sure you have Internet connection.

Sharing Location

Ever had trouble describing where you exactly are to a friend? Maybe you planned to meet at a newly-opened bar and your friend just cannot get the location right, even after you described it for them several times. Now with a simple tap of a button, you can share your location with a friend using the iMessages on iPhone. Click the little “i” icon on the top right of your screen and hit the “Send My Current Location” button. This will share your location (with a map attached) with your friend through a text message.

Sending GIFs

One of the best features that most messaging apps like Facebook’s messenger have is the ability to send each other GIFs. With the new update, iPhone’s new messaging system, iMessage, also has this feature added. Simply click the “A” icon and search for GIFs with keywords. This makes your text message conversations more engaging and interactive.

Reacting to Messages

Most iPhone users may be oblivious to this, but with iMessage, you can now also react to text messages. If you do not feel like replying, you can simply react to the message to let the other person know you are not ignoring. Reasons can vary but you get the gist of it. To react to messages, hold the message bubble until the reaction options appear. Then select the reaction of your choice (or one that is appropriate).

Replacing Text with Emojis

This is also a feature that you may not discover until you play around with iMessage for a while. You can replace certain words in your text message with emojis. After you are done writing the text message, open up the emoji keyboard which will automatically highlight the words that can be replaced with a relevant emoji.

Sending Secret Messages

The invisible ink feature lets you cover your text messages with pixel dust, that the recipient would need to swipe over to actually read the message.

Turning on/off Read Receipts

Most messaging apps by default come with read receipts turned on. iMessage is no exception to that. However, what makes it different from other such apps is that you can actually turn this feature off.

WhatsApp Text Tricks

WhatsApp is currently one of the most used text messaging apps in the world. Beyond making communication easier with its well-optimized texting, calling and video-calling experience, there are certain features people might be unaware of. Here we present some of the best, perhaps hidden to some extent, WhatsApp texting tricks.

Changing Text Format

WhatsApp gives you plenty of customization options as far as text formatting goes. You can make your text bold, italic, change the font (and size) or add a strikethrough effect. You can do this by either using shortcuts or through text format options. WhatsApp has produced a guide that can offer much more information on this.

Quote-Replying to Messages

When you are having a conversation with someone or a group, the texting pace may just be too much to allow you to respond to certain messages before they are buried deep in conversation. Thankfully, with WhatsApp, you can quote messages and reply directly to them to manage the context of your conversation. If you want to quote a certain message, hold down the message and swipe left. You will notice that the quoted message will be attached to the message you are about to send.

Disabling Read Receipts

For obvious reasons, some people hate read receipts. Whatever reason you may have for it, and we do not want to cover that, WhatsApp gives you the option to turn it off.

Head to Settings > Account > Privacy and untick the Read Receipts option.

The upside is that people will not see when you have read their message. The downside is that it works both ways, so you will not see when the recipient has read your own message.

Some of these text tricks are pretty useful features that are not especially explicit in presentation, so you may have missed them or were basically unaware of their existence. Hopefully, with this guide, you have learned new texting tips and tricks that you can use in the future.

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