Alibaba Group is a Chinese Multinational Technology Company founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. The company is specialized in eCommerce, retail, internet, and technology, providing C2C, B2C, and B2B sales services through web portals. Alibaba services include online shopping, electronic payments, shopping search engines, and cloud computing solutions. 

Since 2020, Dexatel has been providing Alibaba worldwide text messaging solutions with high-quality routes and flexible prices, helping deliver the following message types:

One-Time Passwords

Imagine Christopher creating an account on Alibaba and choosing to sign up with a phone number. We send a one-time auto-generated password to verify whether the phone and the number belong to him or not for Alibaba’s security and QA purposes.

Order Confirmation Messages

Picture Patricia ordering an item for her daughter's birthday. We send an order confirmation message to help her make sure that everything goes well, which enhances the customer care culture within Alibaba. 

Marketing and Promotion-Related Messages

Let’s say, Christopher likes breathable sneakers and has already bought four similar items from Alibaba. We send short promotional messages on the new and upcoming collections of breathable “Bladerunner 86” sneakers.


Since it’s Patricia’s third time shopping on, we make sure she receives discount messages on similar and related items. 

Regardless of time zone differences, Dexatel’s specialists are available 24/7 to assist Alibaba and solve any problem they may face in messaging experience.