Virtual Number SMS

Virtual Number SMS

These numbers may be assigned to a specific business, but they're not associated with any specific landline or mobile phone device.

Virtual SMS numbers can be used to set up an automated response system, create an alternate line of communication for an existing business, or facilitate communications between locations. They are also commonly used for text message marketing campaigns, as they allow for easy tracking of responses for individual numbers.

How do Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS Work?

Virtual phone numbers enable businesses and individuals to securely receive SMS messages without the need to provide their actual phone numbers. A business can purchase a virtual number to receive SMS through a service provider. These are usually not associated with any specific location but act as a gateway to the actual phone number.

When an SMS is sent to the virtual phone number, the service provider will route the message to the actual number. This means that the customer’s actual phone number is never exposed, protecting it from unsolicited calls, messages, or text messages. The advantage of a virtual phone number for SMS is that it can be used to send messages to people in different countries and continents without having to share a single phone number.

  • A business purchases a virtual phone number to receive SMS messages from a service provider
  • A customer sends an SMS to the number
  • The service provider reroutes the message from the virtual number to the actual one

You can also use virtual phone numbers for customer support. This way, you can ensure better security for your customers' private data as well as flexibility when it comes to responding to queries. With a virtual number, customer support agents can send messages to multiple international locations, making the service more efficient.

Virtual SMS phone numbers also come in handy for those who are constantly on the move. This allows them to remain in touch with customers, even if their actual number changes from time to time. You can make customizations and add more features to meet your business needs.

Virtual Phone Numbers vs. Traditional Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are associated with VoIP services, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of system allows phone calls to be placed and received by connecting a modem or router to an internet source, such as a cable line.

Since VoIP utilizes the internet instead of a traditional landline connection, phones are much more mobile and flexible. Virtual phone numbers offer users the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere at any time, as long as they have an internet connection.

Traditional phone numbers require a telephone line between the telephone and the telephone company. This type of line may be in the form of a copper wire, a coaxial connection, or an optical fiber line.

This physical connection can make traditional phone numbers less flexible than their virtual counterparts. They also cannot be used to make and receive calls outside of the local area, unless special services are purchased to extend the service.

Purposes of Virtual and Traditional Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are used for business purposes as they provide flexibility and mobility for businesses. With a virtual phone number, customers can call a business from anywhere in the world at any time.

This can be useful for businesses that operate globally or make frequent long-distance calls. Virtual phone numbers also allow businesses to have multiple lines with the same number, allowing customers to easily contact the company. You can also use your virtual mobile number for SMS verification—an advantage you’ll want to have.

Traditional phone numbers are still required for making local calls, as physical lines are necessary for local access. They are also more secure and reliable because of the physical connection, which cannot be easily hacked or disrupted.

How to Choose A Virtual SMS Number

1. Location

Determine what type of virtual SMS number you would like to use based on the area code. Choose a region-specific telephone number to make it look as natural as possible.

2. Network Coverage

Make sure that your virtual number for SMS is provided by a network provider with good coverage in the area where you plan to use it.

3. Additional Features

See if the provider offers additional features like click-to-call, SMS forwarding, and more.

4. Price

Compare the pricing of different virtual SMS providers and choose the one that provides the best value for your money.

5. Privacy

Make sure that your virtual SMS number is not connected to your personal information and that the company has a strict privacy policy protecting your data.

Why Choose a Virtual Number?

It’s Cost-Effective

Using a virtual number for verification or any other purpose helps you save costs as you don’t need to purchase additional phone lines or equipment. They are an affordable option for businesses that need to maintain a presence in multiple countries. International virtual numbers can help businesses keep their operations costs low while still providing customers with efficient and reliable service.

It’s Global

By using a virtual number, businesses can increase their customer reach by allowing customers to call from anywhere in the world. This can be especially beneficial for companies that have customers in multiple countries, making it easier to contact them from overseas and resulting in higher conversion rates.

It’s Trustworthy

Virtual numbers also allow businesses to strengthen their brand identity by providing customers with unique and professional phone numbers. Customers are more likely to recognize and trust a company that shows a commitment to its customers. This helps generate loyalty and increase brand loyalty.

Benefits of a Virtual SMS Number


Virtual SMS numbers are incredibly flexible, allowing you to use different numbers for different departments, campaigns, or even countries.


You can quickly scale up or down as needed with virtual numbers for SMS, meaning you can respond to changes in the market or customer demands.


With a virtual SMS number, you can easily move the number to other carriers if needed. This makes it easy to continue running a successful SMS campaign even if the carrier is no longer available.


As virtual SMS numbers are not tied to line-based carriers, they provide a higher level of security, making them ideal for sensitive information or data.

How You Can Use Your Virtual SMS Number


One of the most common use cases for virtual numbers is SMS verification. You can send a text message with a code to your customers that need to be entered to gain access to an account or service. Virtual numbers for OTP ensure the security of accounts and services, as it's much harder for attackers to gain access by guessing someone's phone number.


You can also use a virtual number for SMS to send out marketing campaigns and offers. This allows you to protect your customers' personal information and ensure that they aren't receiving overbearing text messages. On top of that, you can make sure that the messages are well-targeted, boosting their chances of success.


Virtual numbers can also be used for customer relations management. You can use the virtual number to respond directly to customer queries and inquiries, with the added benefit that your customers' phone numbers remain private.


You can also use virtual SMS numbers to conduct market research. All responses are anonymous, and you can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior without compromising their privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Virtual SMS Number

How do I create a virtual phone number to receive SMS?

Go to Dexatel’s Numbers page to buy a virtual phone number for SMS. The number will then be assigned to your account, and you can both send and receive messages.

Do I need a virtual SMS number to send text blasts?

You can send text blasts with both virtual phone numbers and traditional sender IDs.

Are virtual phone numbers safe?

Yes, virtual numbers for SMS are safe.

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