What Isa Sender ID?

A sender ID is a form of identification for senders of messages. It allows the receiver of a message to identify the sender and often provides some level of assurance that the sender is legitimate. In some cases, an SMS sender ID may also be used to help prevent message spoofing.

SMS gateway sender IDs can be used to:

  • Verify businesses: You can use bulk SMS with a sender ID to verify your business with customers. This can be done by sending a code to your customers and having them reply with the code.
  • Build brand awareness: You can use a sender ID to promote your brand with text marketing. This can be done by using a keyword that is associated with your brand.
  • Run competitions: You can use a custom sender ID SMS to run competitions. This can be done by asking customers to send a keyword to a short code to enter the competition.

How is a Sender ID Generated With Dexatel?

Dexatel’s SMS sender ID list is comprised of several types—short codes, long codes, numbers, and alphanumeric sender IDs.

If you wish to use short codes with our SMS platform, you must fill out an application form and get the operator’s approval for your SMS sender ID verification. Then, you get an assigned code.

For the second type, you need to buy a virtual mobile number to use as a text messaging ID.

Alphanumeric sender IDs allow you to set your brand name, which you can request from the Senders section. Once it’s approved, the name is assigned to your account.

What is The Difference Between Alphanumeric Sender ID and Short Codes?

Alphanumeric sender IDs are a way to send messages using a combination of letters and numbers, while short codes are shorter versions and long numbers are longer versions of a phone number that can be used to send texts.

On one hand, SMS alphanumeric sender IDs can be up to 11 characters long and can be used to send branding or marketing messages. Short codes, on the other hand, are typically 5–6 digits long and are used to send high-volume, time-sensitive messages.

How to Set Up a Custom Sender ID With Dexatel?

To set up a custom sender ID, users need to register the desired ID in the Sender ID section. Then, you will be whitelisted by Dexatel.

Note that whitelisting sender IDs in a list of countries takes more time; some locations do not allow it based on local telecommunications regulations.