What IsIntelligent Routing?

Intelligent routing is the act of using AI to resolve issues with the customer experience and create an accelerated customer care ecosystem for businesses. This option provides businesses with a personalized experience and increases client satisfaction through customer care.

Since intelligent routing is done in real-time companies, businesses don’t need to have surveys or manual data updates—as a result, intelligent routing also saves businesses’ time.

Contact centers use AI-based digital and voice-contact options that make routings intelligent. The routing gathers CX past interaction data and analyzes it to determine how customers interact, what they prefer, and every other necessary information.

Before the technology was upgraded, clients would contact customer care for an inquiry. Then, both ends had to wait until the client connected with the right agent. Essentially, clients had to technically route themselves by selecting the right option from an automated voice system.

However, this came with a handful of issues—the most obvious one was you couldn’t incorporate every option the customer desired into the system, resulting in increased dissatisfaction.

Nowadays, intelligent routing identifies the best agent to connect a particular customer with a particular inquiry that best suits the query.

Defining Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing, a.k.a. skills-based routing, is a system used to gather customer inquiries through voice, digital, or social channels. It directs all incoming queries to the right agent, be it via phone, messaging, email, or chat.

Contact centers gather and analyze the data and set rules to route it to a party that will resolve the issue.

Why use intelligent routing:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced on-hold time
  • Decreased average handling time (AHT)
  • Personalized parameters for each inquiry to get the right person instantly

Top 9 Intelligent Routing Platforms

It’s easy to get lost in the abundance of intelligent routing platforms. Consider the top 10 platforms that best suit your business needs.

  1. Genesys Multicloud CX
  2. Spring Cloud
  3. LeanData
  4. Noction IRP
  5. BT Contact Center
  6. Aria Swift Routing
  7. Castel
  8. Tech CX
  9. Clarity Connect