What IsSMPP?

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is a protocol used to send and exchange SMS messages between SMSCs (Short Message Service Centers), ESMEs ((External Short Messaging Entities), and Routing Entities. SMPP is a level-7 TCP/IP protocol that enables a faster delivery speed for SMS messages.

SMPP is considered an industry-standard protocol for sending SMS to network providers—many even use it as their native protocol. In fact, SMPP occasionally allows third parties like value-added service providers to submit bulk text messages. Thanks to SMPP, you can send text messages containing EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service), cell broadcasts, voicemail notifications, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) messages, and push notifications for MMS delivery.

The telecommunications industry uses this protocol's servers to send SMS text messages to cell phones using one-to-one or one-to-many models. As for its operations, SMPP uses a client-server model.

SMPP Versions

SMPP 3.3

SMPP 3.4

SMPP 3.5

Dexatel as an SMPP Provider

There are two types of SMS text messaging, SMTP and SMPP. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) sends emails to mobile devices, which are then delivered as a text message using an internet routing.

Dexatel specializes in SMPP, where SMS text messages are sent through our SMPP servers. We currently use the SMPP 3.4 version.