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From low balance notifications to tornado warnings, SMS alerts are the best solution to deliver important and time-sensitive updates to anyone.

SMS Alert Service

99 %

of all text messages are read by recipients

97 %

of Americans use built-in texting apps at least once a day

7 Billion

people are expected to use mobile phones by 2024

What are SMS Alerts?

SMS alerts are notification texts sent to a mobile phone to notify users about a specific event or condition. Recipients can get SMS alerts for a variety of purposes, such as weather updates, traffic conditions, pandemic restrictions, and more.

Businesses can use an SMS alert service to notify their customers about upcoming events like sales and clearance, concerts, conferences, and more.

What are SMS Alerts?

Effective and Practical

Businesses in every industry opt for mobile text alerts for their fast and high open rate. If you have essential information that must be quickly seen, SMS alert is the simplest and most effective solution.

This solution is so common and practical that you probably already receive SMS news alerts from a variety of sources.

Text Alerts Businesses

Start using SMS alerts to automate business communications and operational processes. But first, explore what kind of mobile text alerts your industry uses. Not only does this ensure that you are up to standards, but it also helps implement more use cases to take full advantage of SMS alert services.

Top three industries that use SMS alert systems


Financial Services

  • Low balance alerts
  • Transaction completed alerts
  • Fraud attempt alerts
  • Important email or call alerts


  • Emergency alerts
  • New meeting alerts
  • Working schedule alerts
  • Important email or call alerts


  • Out-of-stock alerts
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • ETA alerts
  • Pricing adjustment alerts
  • Fulfillment delay alerts
  • Lead alerts

Choosing the Best SMS Alert Service


Affordable pricing


99.8% deliverability


99.9% uptime

API for SMS Alerts

SMS alerts work through API integration since they are custom-triggered after an action or event. The most important thing to check before making a final decision is the flexibility of the SMS API. Review the API documentation as well to understand what you can achieve with API integration.

Got SMS Alert Questions? Find the Answers Herere

Can I Send Text Alerts From the Website?

Yes, after logging in or signing up on the Dexatel platform, you can set up text alerts to be sent to your recipients.

How to Start Using a Text Alert System?

To use a text alert system, you must sign up or log in to your Dexatel account, compose your text, and set it up to be sent after certain triggers or timing.

How Much Do Text Message Alerts Cost?

If you’re sending text message alerts via Dexatel, you only need to pay for the messages sent; we have a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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